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    Top 8 Engineering Jobs That Are In-Demand

    When choosing a career path, it can be hard to know whether the industry you are interested in has a good future. Some industries continue to grow and others become redundant or over saturated. However, it is quite clear that jobs in automation and information technology have strong futures and offer great career paths for those interested. Below are some of the top engineering jobs that are currently in-demand and showing the highest salary potential in the coming years.

    1. Robotics and Automation Engineer

    Many robotics systems are great at performing repetitive, menial tasks that do not require a lot of attention to detail or dexterity that human workers are still able to fulfill. However, with advancements in energy storage, computing and materials, robots can complete more complex jobs. Robotics and automation engineers help to design, develop and test these advanced robotics systems. A career in this industry can offer a salary of up to $100,000 a year with experience.

    Civil Engineering Jobs Became Increasingly In-Demand

    2. Machine Learning and Data Science

    Over the past few years, software engineering has continued to show signs of growth. Data science is a branch under software engineering where meaningful information is created using large data amounts. This is known as Big Data, and it is collected from various sources such as the financial, medical and e-commerce sectors. Machine learning is a branch under data science and is needed to make predictions for the future based on the data collected from various sources. You do not need a bachelor’s degree, but a background in coding and mathematics is required. The average salary later in your career could reach $120,000 a year.

    3. Civil Engineering

    Following 2018, civil engineering jobs became increasingly in-demand. They work to build the infrastructure that everything and everyone depends on. There are many branches under this field including transportation, structural, road/highway and environmental engineering. Because of the various fields, civil engineering is hard to saturate. As an expert in the field, you can expect to earn up to $96,000 a year with experience.

    4. Petroleum Engineer

    Workers in this career field try to find new drilling methods. Even though there is a strong push for clean energy and electric vehicles, oil is still as highly valued as it used to be. It is expected there will be a lot of openings in the coming years as more petroleum engineers hit retirement age. Late career salary for this career field can range from $120,000 to $140,000.

    Civil Engineering Jobs Became Increasingly In-Demand

    5. Mining Engineer

    No product can be created without mining. Everything needs some type of raw material to be manufactured. Mining engineers help to design underground and open-pit mines. They are also in charge of supervising the construction and excavation of the mines. The need for iron is expected to fall in the coming decades, but the demand for copper, lithium, nickel and other metals needed to create electronic devices and batteries is expected to continue growing. Salaries for mining engineers can reach over $100,000 a year.

    6. Electrical Engineering

    Another traditional engineering field is electrical. It is a broad field that includes instrumentation, power and electronic engineering. Because of the various career paths available in the electrical engineering field, good jobs will always be available with great pay. Late career salaries for this industry can reach up to $96,000.

    7. Project Engineer

    Project engineers can find jobs in every branch of engineering. It is not something that is often studied because any degree can get you the job. These types of engineers learn how to manage complex projects that can include helping to design, procure, manufacture and deliver simple components to treatment plants. The average starting salary for project engineers is around $71,000.

    8. Alternative Energy Engineer

    Climate change has created an increase in pressure on communities to use clean and renewable energy sources. This is where alternative energy engineers can play their part and help to grow the technology. To start a career in this industry, you should earn a bachelor’s degree in electrical or mechanical engineering. The average salary is around $82,000 a year.

    Traditional engineering fields still offer the best salaries and have the most in-demand positions available. However, changes in the industry are continuing to expand the current job market.