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    Why Train Travel Is Still the Best Way to Go Journeying

    Yeah, yeah- the world loves to fly… so untrue!

    Flying has lost its glitz and glamour. Long security lines, bad food, and tiny, cramped seats are taking away the charm and glamour of air travel. What one thinks they would save in terms of time while flying, they waste while standing in long, serpentine queues. And to add to the agony, there is the embarrassment of stripping for the machines – well, you may not have to strip all the way, but some people do come pretty close!

    Issues galore

    Then there is the massive space crunch – you sure wonder just how close your fellow traveler will get to you – he is almost in your lap. And you sure don’t want him there! All that jostling and fidgeting again is really frustrating. This is no, unlike trains where there is just so much space. The chairs are a little more spread out and definitely much wider, and you can really sit comfortably, even the ‘healthier’ ones among you.

     If you do feel like stretching your legs and taking a short walk, you definitely can’t do that on a plane. However, you can do that on a train. In fact, you can go stand (safely!) near the door of your coach and feel the fresh air on your face.

    You are instantly enveloped in the very landscape that you seek to visit. If the door is too scary for you, just look out the windows and see the vista changing every few minutes.

    And who wouldn’t like to spend hours altogether on a train, watching the world go by? Many people believe that it is far more fun to travel by train since it takes so much longer to reach the destination. The hurry factor of before is no longer covered – most travelers prefer the excitement of the journey as much as they love reaching the destination. There are just so many hours to kill – you can read, you can write, listen to music, watch a movie, binge-watch your favorite downloaded TV show, and even have a powwow with your fellow passengers.

    Can you imagine doing all that on the plane?


    Food for thought

    The best part of train travel is the food – while you can surely carry your own food and water to ensure that you have fresh, appetizing grub while traveling, there is no need to do so when there are just so many great eating joints panting to offer you super delicious food on the train, and if your little heart so desires, right at your seat.

    And you can do that sitting right in your seat too. Just Order Food Online for Train by going online and visiting the site of one of the many e-catering companies out there that provide grub to the train traveler. Once there, you have to type in the details of your journey. For easier navigation, you can filter the search by the date and time of your travel.

    Once all the details are in, you will see a long list of all the restaurants and hotels that ensure food for Rail Delivery or Train fare along the route of your journey. Just go to your favorite eating joint to take a look at its menu and make your choice.

    Confirm your order by making the payment. You can go for cash on delivery, online transaction, or debit or credit card. Many catering companies also offer the option of ordering food over the telephone and on Whatsapp. You can track the order too by utilizing the food tracker offered by the companies. In the case of any issue, you can contact the customer service of the company.