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    Choosing Business Storage Units – What To Consider

    When it comes to business storage, there are several aspects to consider. We give you the lowdown on what to consider, so you can find out all you need to know on choosing the right business storage for you.

    As a business, you will no doubt have storage requirements, whether you’re looking for a short term solution for housing stock or a long term solution for your business archives, there’s numerous things to factor in to make sure your items are kept safe, secure and intact and that your business productivity levels aren’t hampered by excess clutter.

    Here’s a few helpful hints on what to consider, to ensure it meets your business requirements.

    Location is Key:

    When it comes to business storage, regardless of what you’re using it for, you want to make sure it’s easily accessible. Looking for storage units that are close to your business locations will ensure that accessing your items can be done as quickly and efficiently as possible.

    Maintain High standards:

    It’s also important to ensure the standards of the units meet up to your requirements. Check the units for rodent droppings, dampness and general cleanliness and ask about climate controlled units if you’re storing anything that will get damaged in extreme weather conditions. If you don’t find high standards at your nearest facility,keep looking for one that does.


    Look to the Future:

    Also when considering your business storage, don’t forget to think ahead. Make sure that the storage facility you choose has the right number of units you require now that are preferably in close proximity to each other, and that it has the capacity to accommodate an increase in storage units further down the line should you need it.

    The Right Price:

    Whilst many storage facilities will advertise low rental price, it’s important to be aware that there may be additional charges to factor in to your business storage budget. When choosing the right business storage make sure you are clear on what the fees include, as there may be more to pay on top of the monthly rental charge, such as storage preparation, padding, electricity, climate control and pest control.

    Do you need Climate Control?

    Depending on what you’re storing in your unit, you may or may not benefit from a climate controlled storage unit. However, if you’re planning to store anything that could get damaged from below freezing or high temperatures such as electronics, recorded media, paperwork, wooden or leather furniture and machinery it’s advisable to pay a little more for a climate controlled unit that will keep the temperature constant.


    Naturally a key factor with business storage is that it remains secure. When considering a location, be sure to check what security measures they have in place. Ask whether they have isolated security for each floor, on-site security checks, video surveillance, coded security pads for each building and monitored access? This can be useful for monitoring which employees are accessing the units, as well as any undesirables.