Steroids: Boon or Bane?

What are steroids?

Steroids are basically soluble organic compound composed of cycloalkane rings. For general understanding, steroids are basically mentioned for their usage in medicines in form of dexamethasone or prednisolone whereas other type of steroids is used by athletes to boost their energy. For e.g. Stanozolol 50mg tablets.

Classification of steroids

Steroids can be broadly classified into two parts namely corticosteroids and anabolic steroids.

  1. Corticosteroids: These are formed naturally in body by adrenal cortex and is one of the key factors for functioning of body. Further divided into,
    1. Glucocorticoids: Fat, protein and carbohydrate metabolism is controlled by them. E.g. Cortisol also known as stress hormone helps in reducing stress in body. Other glucocorticoids are artificially made used for suppressing immune system.
    2. Mineralocorticoids: they help to balance sodium levels in body by acting on kidney and proper regulation of it helps in maintaining blood pressure levels. g. Aldosterone.
  2. Anabolic steroids: These are synthetic compounds made by humans in association to male sex hormones which are known as androgens. They copy functions of testosterones and hence leads to increase of protein within cells and finally the huge muscle mass. They are even prescribed for masculine characters like vocal cords enhancement, more body hair etc.

Mode of usage

Steroids can be administered in the form of injections, tablets, gels, patches or soluble powders depending upon their metabolism. They may be endogenous or exogenous, exogenous are synthetic form of endogenous ones.

Usage of steroids

  • While glucocorticoids and mineralocorticoids help in proper maintenance of body, their anti-inflammatory properties and the strength to suppress immunity helps to treat many acute medical disorders like allergies (asthma, allergic rhinitis, angioedema etc.), auto-immune skin disorders (Pemphigus vulgaris, pyoderma gangrenosum), Haematological cancers like leukaemia, rheumatological disorders like arthritis etc.
  • On the other end anabolic steroids like intake of Stanozolol 50mg tablets are used by athletes and weight lifters which help both males and females in enhanced performance and endurance with increased strengths. These are used to maintain muscles with proper body built. Other uses includes treatment of hereditary angioedema, aplastic anaemia, osteoporosis, tissue and vascular disorders.

Adverse effects

  • By corticosteroids
    • Habituation
    • Steroids induced osteoporosis
    • Neurological like steroid psychosis or depression or anxiety
    • Endocrinal disorders like Diabetes Mellitus
    • Pregnancy teratogenic effects
    • Infections – Candidiasis
  • By Anabolic Steroids
    • Liver damage – dark coloured urine, yellowing of skin and eyes
    • Unusual tiredness, headaches with sleeping issues
    • Abdominal pains with vomiting or nausea tic sensations
    • Changes in libido
    • Swelling of legs and arms, increase facial hair growth, loss of hair and vocal changes
    • Frequent and irregular erections in men
    • Breast tenderness, enlargement of clitoris, irregular menses in females.

Safety instructions

Keeping in mind all the side effects of steroids they should be used in a productive and useful manner. Anabolic steroids are less recommended for athletes as proper training and well-planned diet can lead to well-maintained built up with boosted strengths for them.