Smart Way to Save: Invest in Fixed Deposit

“Do not save what’s left when defrayment, however pay what’s left when saving.” – Warren Buffet.

When you area unit young, saving cash feels like a frightening task. The urge to pay the cash in associate uncontrolled thanks to get by month to month is that the solely responsibility that we have a tendency to feel towards ourselves and so don’t rely on how to arrange for the longer term or unforeseen monetary emergencies.

One of the ways in which to avoid wasting cash for monetary hardships is to begin building associate emergency fund. The initial step is deciding regarding wherever and the way to take a position your hard-earned cash. In India, fastened Deposits is one among the foremost common and accessible investment instruments to avoid wasting cash. the foremost vital advantage of investment during a fastened deposit is that you simply cannot withdraw funds from a hard and fast savings account untimely. so you’ll be able to simply economize to avoid any penalty fees or charges. Moreover, FD interest rates aren’t determined by market rates, so investors will get secured returns on their investments.

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What is a hard and fixed deposit?

 a hard and fast deposit offered by banks and non-banking monetary establishments permits you to deposit a lump-sum payment and earn engaging comes on the investment at a hard and fast rate of return for a determined investment tenure.

Here are a unit different advantages of investment during a fastened deposit:

  1. Versatile tenure: The investment tenure of a hard and fast deposit ranges from seven days to ten years. Thus, investors will select a brief term, medium-term or long run investment amount as per their investment goal.
  2. fastened returns: one in every of the many benefits of investment in a fastened deposit is that it provides secured returns on the investment. Deposit offers fixed returns for the whole tenure, and therefore the returns don’t get stricken by the quantity of funds deposited in associate FD account.
  3. Rate of Interest: FD rates vary from bank to bank and area unit determined as per the run batted in policy. Because the rates aren’t stricken by the market, so investors will get assured engaging returns on their investment.
  4. Tax Benefits: If associate capitalist needs to avail tax advantages on the investment, then he will invest during a tax-saver FD. A tax-saver FD permits you to induce tax deductions upto Rs. 1.5 Lakhs on the investment beneath Sec eighty C of the taxation Act. this kind of fastened deposits is availed for a hard and fast tenure of five years.
  5. Loan against fastened deposit: you’ll be able to additionally avail a loan against fastened deposits by keeping FD as a security or collateral. Investors will take a loan against FD upto ninetieth of the quantity deposited in associate FD while not breaking the FD. the speed of interest is zero.50%-2% on top of FD rates.
  6. Liquidity: whereas a hard and fast deposit attracts a penalty charge on premature withdrawal of funds from FD, investors will break the FD if they need funds for any emergency. Thus, having associate FD ensures that they’ll consider a definite quantity of cash once they area unit in monetary distress.


Thus, investors will simply open associate FD account and earn higher interest on their cash than keeping their cash during a bank account. you’ll be able to open associate FD account during any public or personal sector banks or in a post workplace by visiting the branch or on-line as provided by several banks.