Six clever interior design to make your house more vibrant
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Six clever interior design to make your house more vibrant

Whether you have just moved to a brand new house or just want a renovation to make it look new and fresh, perhaps you want more something significant to make it cozier, there are some well-known interior design tricks that designers can incorporate that you can easily apply in your home with minimal cost and effort.

Sometimes even the smallest things can create the biggest impact especially when it comes to interior designing, if you are planning to enhance your home’s interior design, here are some clever design tips that can inspire you from creating a more vibrant home design.

  • Paint smaller rooms with a lighter color to make it look larger- The living room above is one of the best space in the house to maximize small living space. A room which has the size to be cramped must have large windows and light colored walls and also an ample use of mirrors not only to reflect the natural light but also gives an optical illusion of space which is why incorporating a lighter colored paint, putting a window and mirrors can create a larger feel of a smaller room.
  • Utilize decorative mirrors to add more light and space- Mirrors can be used to create a bigger space virtually in a small room as mentioned above, however, for larger rooms, or in any room regardless of the space which has a limited amount of natural light, mirrors can be placed directly across from any windows which will add natural light while decorative mirrors can be used in lieu of art in filling out empty wall spaces or add Furniture to complete your Interior design.


  • Mix up patterns and textures- Try mixing up everything regardless if it is a new or an old piece of furniture and accessories, regardless if it is cheap or expensive because nothing can go wrong with placing your family’s heirlooms beside your modern furniture pieces because all good interior decorators will always give you a piece of advice that the most important aspect in decorating your home is that it pictures out your personality and reflects who you are, so try incorporating your own style and design.
  • Try to make it more comfortable- Regardless how great the design of a room in your house, if it not comfortable, it just totally defeats its purpose, so try slipping some couches, pillows, and carpets to make it feel more cozy and comfortable especially when you have kids in the house.
  • Utilize your old decorative accessories- You always have those particular items in your possession which are packed in boxes somewhere and you have not used it in a very long time. Instead of throwing it away at some point in time, make use of it and try to give it another life, who knows what might fit with your new Furniture to complete your Interior design which can help you save money instead of running to a store to buy new accessories right?
  • Try using green elements- You can do this in a way that you add plants to your living space. Plants particularly that can survive with limited or no exposure to sunlight because this can create a better texture and color to your living space, not only are plants are pretty good as an accessory, but it can somehow help your household’s air clean and have a balanced humidity.