Simple software which will watch your activities

      Mobile phones took an important place in our daily life. We can contact another person’s through various types like make a call and tell something. If you will not able to talk at the moment means you will send the message or otherwise a voice sms. These types of facilities will tend the people to buy these types of facilities phones. Whatever you do through his phone will be recorded. Here using the satellite connection the voice will record. But there is a chance of messaging to the opposite persons. This will not read through the satellite help. For these types there should be of text message spy. This software will help s to seed the message send to whom and full details about it.

Spy in you phones:

            When you upload this software in the mobile means we will see you r messages from another person’s phones. The messages which will be deleted also seen by them Using the cell phone or tablet it will easily find. It will work as a remote accessing one. These are views in your any types of device. Simply if you have the internet it is possible. But the text messages are fully viewed and also it will show the time and date of this. There will be the full detail about the sender and also about the receivers place date and time and the details about the full message. Fr the safety purpose it will be a very useful app. But if it is misused means then there should not be any way of block this.

Honesty of the working persons;

            In the big companies or in some working areas through the internet this software will be mainly used. For the employers honesty this will be used. Also the parents are used this app, to know about the child activities through the phones. It is a good one to monitor our child. |this app will capture the message and deliver to you. This app will help to seen the message which will be deleted over the year. But these types of apps will be easily mis used by another person. It will spoil another person’s privacy. It also disturbs the individual person’s privacy. But these text message spies will help to find out the bad things in and around you in the society. So be aware of these types of software’s.