Semi-Permanent Enameling: The Secret to Lasting Nail Art

Maintaining and decorating the nails are one of the beautifications most girls have. Sometimes, there is a lot of tweaking involved to find the perfect style according to the shape, skin, and clothing color for the day. Today, nail art designs have come more than just a simple combination of colors. The craze among most women and young girls go in loads of variations and styles.

An ordinary beautiful nail art design trends are now with the touch of semi-permanent polish. Yes, you can make your nails look incredibly fantastic and eye-catching that lasts longer. Explore the world of semi-permanent enameling to enjoy a nail polish for more than a week; here are some ideas about it.

Semi-Permanent Nails, Explained

The new concept of semi-permanent nails is becoming the trending beauty essentials recently. The usual nail art that you know goes beyond the use of stickers, which was the trend in the past. Semipermanentes nowadays are the best option if you are to value your time in which you decorate your nails. Because with semi-permanent enamel, you can get special polish and use them on your own with a base that’s made of gel. All it takes for the best style is your passion for the way each art enables your nails to be more durable and with a lasting natural effect.

Its Best Overall

To best wear your nail art semi-permanently, all you need to have is the best nail enamel and nail art tools. You can even grab some inspiration from the best nail art designs out there and improve on something that suits you. Yes, you can still do that loud and proud pop art prints and coat it with semi-permanent top gel to make it last. Or you can try to be more shy with patterns that focus on silhouettes and texture with, of course, the touch of lasting enamel. It is by far the best addition to your nail art as it works even in short nails to make it look super chic with a pop of color.


Try adding a strip of styles in your simple nail art and play around with shapes too. These days, enameling creates everything from long nails and glass nails lasting.

The Application Process

If you are new to a semi-permanent manicure, worry less, it is almost like the traditional manicure when it comes to its application to nails. The cleaning, beautifying, coating are the same process; the only difference is the use of UV light along the way.

If you are designing with a semi-permanent manicure, there is a variation of the base, polish, and gloss utilized. Regardless of what style you wear on your nails, to make it effective, let it dry in a few seconds under the LED lamp’s UV light. In this way, the enamel used will show the best lasting results mainly when used in a gel base.

So think of the best nail art and make it last!