get ex boyfriend back

Psychological tricks to recovery your EX Boy Friend

I have received several emails asking me: How to get ex boyfriend back   ? And it is that when a relationship that you appreciate a lot ends, it hurts in the deepest part of your heart. If you think you still have a chance to rekindle the relationship, then follows some tricks

get ex boyfriend back

Clarify your emotions – Psychology

Put aside the alpha male mask, and dedicate yourself to interpreting your emotions. It is difficult to distinguish between loneliness, emotional, economic dependence, with the real feeling of loving her and wanting her back. When a relationship has lasted for many years, you tend to confuse the possession of that past with wanting to return quickly . And desperation and anxiety is something we should avoid.

Loses contact with her

She can call you for any reason, but if she does not, you will not either . This is the first step to reconquer it. I know you may be thoughts: “But, I still fail to spot my ex-girlfriend”. I understand that it is difficult, but zero contact is vital to initiate reconciliation.

Ignoring will make her think that you are going phenomenally with your life, that everything is going well, and that will cause you many doubts and intrigues . It is a passive and aggressive way of making you miss you. And it will also allow you to clarify, reencounter with yourself, enjoy things that you could not with it before. In short, it is time to improve as a person .