Protection Against Malwares: A Serious Concern

Malwares can easily enter and manage to destroy your data and other important files and folders. Malwares are system software that are corrupt and are aimed at destroying the system. These enter and damage the existing documents; they may even sometimes encrypt the old data. Thus in this case, they are proved to be very harmful. These are of various kinds, one’s that may infect the stored data and others that destroy the hardware parts a well.

Similarly, Ransomware is a kind of malware that may infect the computer system and cause serious damage. This is difficult to get rid of. In 2015, many criminal offences have been reported against this malware. Many victims report that they have suffered a great money loss due to it. People are generally unaware of it and they tend to get fooled and thus become victims of this Ransomware. They pay a lot of money to retrieve their information and other important files and folders. Ransomware had its greatest attack during 2017 when more than a million people suffered due to it. This was majorly due to unawareness regarding the issue. People were not truly aware regarding this attack. Ransomware is a serious cyber security threat that requires a great concern.

Hence many actions have been made to stop this security threat. This blocks information stored in the computer system from the same user only. In order to get back the access to the stored information, the user is required to pay some amount of money usually termed as a ransom usually in widely accepted currency termed as e-currency. It is basically of two types: Window blockers and encryption Ransomware. These interfere with the normal functioning of a computer system. It is very necessary to stop this Ransomware as soon as it enters the system and before it attacks any files and folders. So it is always advised to incorporate some measures regarding the safety of the information in the computer system. By doing this, one can offer protection the important files and folders containing essential information.


Offering protection

This can be done by installing, downloading or purchasing the antivirus softwares. These are easily available online and can be installed from there. Whenever a threat such as Ransomware tries to enter the computer system, they detect these beforehand and serve to offer protection against them. These softwares tend to delete or eliminate the unwanted threats while the computer system carries to run and execute the normal softwares. Some antivirus softwares also block the websites posing any threat to the system and containing duplicate and harmful information but these cannot change the underlying capability of the host to transmit viruses but can only prevent. Users are required to update their antivirus programs more often in order to take the advantage of the recent updates.

Recovery strategies and methods:

  • Virus removal
  • Operating system reinstallation

The same copy of the data can be kept at several secured places in order to save it from any threat. Thus protection from Ransomware has become the greatest concern of IT world.