Pressure Relieving Equipment For Seniors At Home

Pressure-relieving equipment you need if you have seniors at home that need special care. If you have elderly loved ones at home who have issues relating to high pressures, like pressure sores or high blood pressure, you must have these pressure relieving equipment on hand. These can help alleviate these problems as long as you know the right equipment to use.

Pressure Sores – A Health Risk

Pressure sores or ‘ulcers’ are a common health risk, especially for bed-ridden seniors. These ulcers can range in severity, from mild to extremely harmful. Mild pressure sores are manageable as they manifest as discolored patches of the skin. They look like bruises. But for severe cases, the pressure sores appear to be large open wounds. Some even have exposed muscles or bones.

Understanding Pressure Sores

Pressure sores occur when a large amount of pressure is placed on a specific part of the body for more extended periods. This can happen when the person is sitting in a wheelchair or lying in bed for a long time. These can cause pressure sores in the areas that contact the mattress.

The ulcers disrupt the blood supply to this affected area. And you know that without a blood supply, tissues will not stay healthy. It gets damaged and dies. Also, the poor blood supply to specific body parts can affect the white blood cells that fight infection. With fewer blood cells, the ulcer can get infected by harmful bacteria.

Relieving Pressure Sores

You must understand how important it is to help relieve pressure sores. Relieving pressure sores should be well understood by the person who cares for the family member. And to apply the proper management, you must have this equipment to grab anytime you need it.

  • Pressure Mattresses. The most effective way to relieve pressure ulcers is by using pressure relief mattresses. There are three types to choose from – air, foam, and hybrids. Choose one that the patient most prefers. Pressure mattresses can also prevent ulcers from re-surfacing. These mattresses are specifically designed to produce an active pressure relief, giving the patient comfort once the pain is eased.
  • Pressure Cushions. These specially-designed cushions are another essential item to have at home. This can help prevent pressure sores as it allows air to circulate effectively around the part of the body that gets in contact with the cushion. There are pressure-relieving cushions not only for beds but also for wheelchairs.

Preventing Pressure Sores

Aside from using pressure-relieving equipment, other ways can help prevent ulcers from developing. Regular rotation is one method. Ensure that the person is getting rotated from side to side every couple of hours. This will reduce the pressure from the part that gets in contact with the mattress.

Also, a comfortable position is essential. Being confined in the wheelchair or bed for more extended periods can cause pressure sores. And, of course, you have to make sure that you are using the correct pressure relieving equipment. Feeling comfortable can help alleviate the pain brought about by these ulcers.