Customer reviews are important to us. Our website has a section for customers to rate the quality of service as well as that of drugs provided. Pharmacy Mall reviews keeps in touch with clients from the moment they purchase the drugs to when the receive it and after use of the medication. This contact helps us to evaluate ourselves and improve quality of service.

Why customer reviews is important to us

  • Pharma Mall employs many customers and customer reviews help us to know how best to improve on the quality of service through staff training. Our staff continue to get training to keep them updated on the new drugs and changes in the industry. Your review will help us know if the training worked or if we need to do more to serve you better.
  • We endeavor to package our drugs well for shipping. However, they may get damaged during the shipping process. We would like to know you got your order intact.
  • We work in partnership with delivery services that may fail us from time to time. We want to provide the very best from the moment you make an order to the moment you receive what you asked for. Knowing that all went well makes us proud. However, should there be a failure at some point, we would like to know where it happened and rectify it.

  • Customer privacy is paramount to us and we try to ensure a client’s privacy in terms of payment and order are adhered to. Should a client feel this was not adhered to, feedback helps to know where the error occurred so we can avoid any future embarrassment.
  • We constantly receive new drugs from drug producing companies. We cannot try all these drugs but sell them based on the ingredients indicated and what they are to cure. Knowing that they worked for you is paramount to us as your health is important to us. However, if they did not work, especially newly introduced medication, letting us know will determine whether we should keep stocking them or discard them. This is very important.

Customer reviews can build or destroy a business. We appreciate customer feedback and try to make any changes necessary to ensure customer satisfaction at all times. We encourage both positive and negative criticism so we can provide you with the best service possible.