Parsnips A Root Crop And An Ideal substitue For Vegetables

Parsnip is a vegetable that grows under the top layer of soil. It has been around for thousands of years. They have long roots and are tubers. After winter, it attains a sweet taste.


The vegetable is indigenous to Eurasia. Romans used to cultivate it years ago. They belong to the family of carrots, coriander, and cumin. Within two or three weeks of planting seeds, they start to germinate. Like other vegetables from its family, parsnips have a high fiber content. Consuming them makes you feel full for long periods.

It contains potassium, vitamin c, and e that helps with your immunity. The parsnips are an excellent autumn root crop. Folates in the vegetable can reduce the defects of a baby in a mother’s womb. Just like carrots and potatoes, they can also be roasted or become a part of salads. You can even make side dishes out of parsnips. Even though it tastes like turnips and other tubers, it has a bitter twang to it. It can add depth and flavor to a lot of dishes.

Health Benefits

 You can make soup or even desserts out of the root vegetable. Instead of french fries, you can also go for fried parsnips. The vegetable isn’t popular among consumers, and they usually remain untouched and ignored on the side in stores. It is said to have 100 calories, 24gm carbs, 6.5gm fibers, and 1.5 gm protein. They have vitamins and minerals like magnesium, thiamine, zinc, and phosphorus. A lot of antioxidants are also present in parsnips. It reduces cell damage and promotes health.

Preventing health conditions

By increasing the number of antioxidants taken in a day, you can prevent conditions like cancer, heart diseases, and diabetics. The fiber helps with digestion and prevents developing ulcers, hemorrhoids, and diseases involving the refluxes in the intestine and esophagus. Fibers also regulate the movement of food matter through your stomach and intestine and prevent constipation. It does not deter the concentration of sugar, cholesterol, or pressure in your body. If you are looking to reduce weight, include parsnips in the diet as they are low in calories and rich in fiber.

Sum up

As they make you feel full for a long time, you might not eat as often as you do. So the reduction in appetite ultimately leads to weight loss. Mix it with lentils, mushrooms, and other vegetables to add flavor to your dish. It is just like other tubers, so that you can cook them in similar ways.