Art using Moving Boxes

Painting and Art using Moving Boxes

If you intend to relocate your art collection, you will require some lovely painting and art moving boxes. Moving is stressful enough, but it becomes more so when you throw in the fact that you have incredibly expensive or irreplaceable goods to consider. If you have paintings or other artwork, you’ll want to ensure they’re correctly packed to avoid damage. For instance, Paint Pinot boxes come in various sizes to accommodate your needs, regardless of how large or tiny your artwork is.

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Tips for Packing

If you want to move artwork somewhere, you’ll need more than simply crates. It will move around if you merely store it inside cartons, and it will most likely be destroyed before it gets to its destination. Bubble wrap and other packaging items, such as tape, scissors, and address labels, will also be required.

  • Protect the item by wrapping it in bubble wrap and securing it with packing tape. If it is very fragile, you may wish to double wrap it for extra protection.
  • Place the object in the box. If the item does not fit tightly in the box, you will need additional packing materials to keep it from moving around during transportation. More plastic wrap or packing peanuts can be used, or newspapers can be crumbled to save money. Place some packing material at the bottom of the box before inserting the artwork. To ensure that the painting is adequately cushioned, you may need to add extra packing material in the front and back and on top of it.
  • Use packing tape to seal the box, ensuring it is entirely secure. It is especially crucial to ship something through the mail because even if it’s tagged “fragile,” items get jostled around a lot.

Putting your picture in its frame

Never keep your painting in a tube or coiled up. It will be hard to flatten correctly after only a short time of being stored in this manner. Basic size paintings and prints may be put into a standard frame and hung right away, but the best option is to get your new art to a maker and have it properly mounted and framed.

It may be a little more expensive, but the impact and use of archival acid-free materials will ensure that your artwork is preserved in the best possible way and will be well worth the investment in the long run. You could also inquire about framing watercolour paintings with special UV-blocking Perspex or Glass.

Final thoughts

Relocating may be stressful, but there are several things you can do to reduce your stress. Making sure you have the correct moving boxes for painting and art can go a long way toward ensuring that your most valuable things reach safely at their final location. Lastly, check out the Paint Pinot site for more information about painting and art moving boxes.