MX Properties is taking a stand against fraud

Have you ever been a victim of fraud? Odds are, you have been, even though you may not be aware that you were. Fraud simply means that someone purports to be something they are not in an effort to receive personal enrichment. Fraud can take on many different shapes and forms. However, most people remain blissfully ignorant of the fact that someone has used them in some way in order to receive something of benefit. There are a great deal of others that do discover the fraud yet the damages are so slight, if any, that seeking retribution or a remedy to the situation just isn’t worth the time and effort. However, for some, there are fraud schemes that are so egregious that the victim simply can’t sit back idly while those who perpetrated the fraud get away with their illicit gains. Such is the case for MX Properties.

In 2016, MX Properties engaged in a business arrangement with several individuals in an effort to expand their reach. It was discovered some time later that the business partners weren’t what they represented themselves to be and that the deposits that were made to get the ball rolling was no longer available to them.

It was around this time that the outside consultant that MX Properties had hired to make the introductions for the above described project admitted to knowing in advance of the less than honorable intentions of the individuals described above. However, in an attempt to make things right, he had solicited the services of a Lisbon Portugal attorney named Carmen De Souza to help move things in the right direction. He presented a letter from Ms. De Souza that outlined her willingness to try and help MX Properties find a remedy to the situation and allow them to move forward with the project. Of course, MX Properties had their misgivings in light of the previous experience. However, after receiving assurances in writing that Carmen de Souza that she would be able to help after receiving a wire transfer of $11,000 for fees that were not well outlined, MX Properties approved the payment.

Unfortunately, Ms. De Souza also did not keep her word and after many phone calls and emails later, she cut off all communications with MX Properties altogether. She also did not make any attempts to return the fees that she required in order to secure her services.

Most recently, MX Properties has begun receiving threatening emails from an unnamed source. This individual appears to be trying to distract attention away from the more pressing situation of trying to secure the return of the initial deposits made by MX Properties as well as the $11,000 that was wired to Ms de Souza. They are currently launching a public campaign in order to raise awareness about the fraud that had been perpetrated against them as well as to petition the involved parties to do what is right.

Carmen De Souza is a Lisbon Portugal lawyer with no conscious. She has defrauded MX Properties and will defraud your company, too.