Museums in Delhi You Cannot Afford To Miss

Delhi, the capital city of India, has most colors in the wings. From theme parks, religious temples, shopping centers, historical monuments, to cultural heritage sites; Delhi has it all for you along with amazing galleries and museums. You can even find several options among Port Blair to Delhi flights to visit the capital city.

  • National Gallery of Art – The most talked-about museum of Delhi, this premier museum exhibits about 14,000 exquisite sculptures, paintings, graphics and pieces of modern art. National Gallery of Art under Ministry of Culture portrays work of Indian and foreign artists. This museum implicates daily life experiences as a vital expression of the human spirit. It is also the largest art museum in the world, open on all days of the week except Monday and national holidays.
  • Indian Air force Museum – Being in this museum, you witness the achievements of courageous soldiers of the Indian Armed Forces. This is the only museum by the air force that presents a glimpse of the journey of Air Force, its uniforms, flags and symbols along with various types of transport and fighter aircraft. One feels proud to know more about our brave hearts who sacrificed their lives for the country. One can also observe detained Pakistani weapons from the wartime.
  • Souvenir shops- here have models of airplanes and helicopters for you to buy and remember the bravery of our Air Force.
  • National Rail Museum – This rail museum walks you through the history of railways. National Rail Museum beautifully represents the heritage of railways by imitation, static and working models of engines right from the times when steam and diesel engines were used. There also is a toy train which attracts most people. If you are near India Gate, then a visit to this rail museum is a must.
  • Tribal Museum – Tribal Museum is an initiative of Late AmritlalVithal Das Thakkar to highlight the difficult life of tribal people. This museum is a wide window to the livelihood of tribals. Tribal Museum showcases an extensive collection of articrafts and three dimensional portrays, depicting their lifestyle and day to day struggles. This place is more interesting to those who have a keen interest in understanding tribal ways and people.
  • National Museum of Natural History – Managed by Ministry of Environment and Forests of India, this museum is the proud possession on the Mandi House intersection. National Museum of Natural History is dedicated to India’s natural health; there are three separate sections dedicated to Ecology, Environment, and History. There is an enormous knowledge display of resource conservation of basics of life, i.e. water, air, land, and forest. The gallery is open on all days except Mondays between 10 am to 5 pm and national holidays.