Mobile Recharge – Making Life Easy and Simple for the Common Man

Mobile Recharge – Making Life Easy and Simple for the Common Man

One of the biggest innovation of the twentieth century has been the mobile phone and mankind’s increased dependency on these small machines in the twenty-first century is proof enough of its popularity.

Typically a mobile phone needs to have a SIM (short form for Subscriber Identity Module) card operated by a Mobile Service Provide to be active. These SIM cards are grouped into two types of payment plans: pre-paid and post-paid cards.

For the mobile phone to function properly, one needs to either recharge the card or pay bill on a monthly/regular basis. The former is for pre-paid cards and the latter is for postpaid cards. Mobile recharge can be done either offline or online.

Prepaid Mobile is the lifeline of India. Why?

  1. It is cheap and affordable. It has taken telecommunication to a new level enabling even the poorest of poor to connect to his friends and family.
  2. With various top-up plans, one can recharge as per requirement and usage thereby curtailing unnecessary expenditure.

Details of offers from Top Indian Cellular Service Providers:-

All the service providers provide different plans basis different regions/circles.

  1. Airtel Mobile Recharge:

Owned by Bharti Airtel Limited and headed by Mr. Sunil Bharti Mittal, Airtel is based out of New Delhi. It is one of the oldest and currently the largest player in the Indian telecommunication industry. Airtel prepaid recharge offers are:

  1. 199/- plan with 1.4 GB per day data valid for 28 days
  2. 349/- plan with 2.5 GB/day valid for 28 days
  • 399/- plan with 1 GB/day valid for 70 days
  1. 448/- plan with 1.4 GB/day valid for 82 days and
  2. 509/- plan with 1.4 GB/day valid for 90 days

The above plans provide unlimited local/STD calls, roaming incoming and outgoing calls inclusive 100 local and international sms per day.

  1. Jio recharge offers:

Owned by the Reliance Industries and headed by Mr. Mukesh Ambani, this is comparatively a new player but has the most diversified offers making it the first choice for the common man.

  1. Sachets packs at Rs. 19/- with 0.15 GB valid for a day and Rs. 52/- with 1.05 GB valid for 7 days
  2. Most Affordable Plan at Rs. 98/- with 2 GB data valid for 28 days
  • 5 GB/day packs available at Rs. 149/-, Rs. 349/-, Rs. 399/- and 449/- valid from 28 days to 91 days
  1. 2 GB/day packs available at Rs. 198/-, Rs. 398/-, Rs. 448/- and Rs. 498/- valid from 28 days to 91 days
  2. 3 GB/day pack at Rs. 299/-; 4 GB/day pack at Rs. 509/- and 5 GB/day pack at Rs. 799/-. All valid for 28 days.
  3. Long Term packs starting from Rs. 999/- valid for 3 months. The costliest one is Rs. 9999/- valid for almost a year with 750 GB data.
  • Jio Phone Plans at Rs. 49/- with 1 GB data and Rs. 153/- with 42 GB both valid for 28 days
  1. Vodafone Online recharge

Owned by UK’s telecom giant Vodafone, this company has almost 121 prepaid offers to choose from.

  1. A range of talk time offers categorized as Full Talk time, Talk time and More than Full Talk time, the offer starts at Rs. 10/ with talk time of Rs. 7.47/-; the highest being Rs. 5900/- with full talk time
  2. Free calls + data offers start with Rs. 196 with 1 GB/ day data valid for 28 days. There’s also a Rs 799/- plan with 4.5 GB/day valid for 28 days; Rs. 509/- plan with 1.4 GB/day valid for 3 months and even a one-hour plan at Rs. 21/- having unlimited 3G/4G data.
  1. BSNL special offers:

Bharat Sanchar Network Ltd., the only network to be owned by the Government of India, is headquartered in New Delhi. Its special deals are:-

  1. Happy Offer at Rs. 485/- with 1.5GB/day valid for 90 days
  2. 666/- offer with 1.5GB/day valid for 129 days
  • 186/- and Rs. 187/- plans with 1 GB/day valid for 28 days
  1. 349/- and Rs. 429/- plans with 1 GB/day valid for 54 days and 81 days respectively

All the above plans offer 100 SMS free per day.

  1. Idea recharge:

Owned by the Aditya Birla companies and headed by Mr. Kumar Mangalam Birla, this is based in Mumbai. The offers are:-

  1. Unlimited Pack at Rs. 199/- and Rs. 179/- with 1.4 GB/day and 1 GB/day respectively and valid for 28 days
  2. Full Talk Time Top-ups priced at Rs. 120/-, Rs. 200 and Rs. 300/-, Rs. 500/- and Rs. 1000/-
  1. Aircel recharge:

Maxis Communications holds a 74% stake in Aircel and it’s headquartered in Gurgaon. It’s the largest service provider in Tamil Nadu and though is the sixth largest in India, it has poor subscriber base in the remaining part of the country. It has several offers for talk time but hardly any for data services.

  1. Starting Rs. 10/- to Rs. 1000/-, they have Talk time offers with Talk value of Rs. 7.47/- to Rs. 1000/- respectively
  2. Web recharge plans at Rs. 283/- valid for 30 days

All the operators keep changing plans periodically and in order to attract more customer base invest crores in devising marketing and promotional strategies. One needs to access different media channels to be informed about the new recharge plans.