For instance, we furnish our home and maintain every part of it according to the trend either it is a living room, dining room or guest room etc. because it represents the way of your living. Similarly, one’s wardrobe is the representation of its personality. When you hear the word “Wardrobe” there is a picture comes in mind of women and all their shopping stuff. But wardrobe is not associated with women, men also have their wardrobe and fashion essentials, although it is different from women. It is found among both men and women they follow the trends of fashion and maintain their wardrobe according to it. For this purpose, they shop for trendy pieces rather than buying things put on sale whether they receive their monthly payments or not. Usually, when they go shopping with friends they do impulse purchases that they seldom wear. This is not the economic and better thing and is not worth saving.

In this blog, I have summed up some essential fashion stuff for both men and women that should keep in their wardrobe that makes it exceptional and worth saving.

trends of fashion


  • It is rightly said and experienced that the first sight firstly put on the shoes while observing one’s personality. For this, girls should keep flat sandals, sandals having straps, high heel shoes and jogging or long walk shoes. If girls are pretty white, they should prefer dark colors and girls having the average color they are lucky because of every color suits them (personally I like those girls).
  • After shoes, the dress of girls attracts attention of everyone. So, the best wardrobe contains jeans (having drilled are the best), little dresses, funky dress for the party, skirt, long coats in cold weather and variety of Bras (cannot describe the variety). Black dresses are considered to be the backbone of girl’s wardrobe. That’s why Misa Los Angeles UK stockists put a huge variety of black dresses on sale.
  • Leather goods like handbags and clutches, big shopping handbags, bracelets, the wristwatch (chain and leather straps), sunglasses and jewelry are extra accessories that girls should have in their perfect wardrobe.


  • Starting with the shoe stuff, men wardrobe should have the variety of shoes as mentioned above is the main aspect of knowing one’s personality. A pair of black and brown boots (the lace-up pair is recommended), a jogger, a pair of snickers and casual sandal stars your wardrobe.
  • In clothing, the set of slim and assorted colors office shirts, jeans, polo and round neck T-Shirts. For winters, jackets, sweatpants V neck sweater, Trenchcoat, the three-piece suit for formal parties, tracksuit, and casual shirts.
  • Extra accessories like wrist timepiece, sunglasses and sports glasses for riding or driving and the casual shoulder carry bag must have in the wardrobe.

These things not only pacify your personality but also fascinate people (especially girls) by your pleasing looks and make you an effective point of attraction in the society. That’s all from my desk.