Low-Rise Pants and Body Types

Low-Rise Pants and Body Types

The rise in jeans refers to the top of the waistband found at the pants’ front part and the crotch. Most brands offer jeans in low, mid, and high-rise varieties. Low-rise jeans have a measurement of around 8” while medium-rise jeans are 9-11.” High-rise jeans have a measurement of over 10.” The next question is what body types look good in low rise pants?

Long Waist and Short Waist

You might be familiar with the common body types pear, hourglass, and apple. But first of all, you have to figure out if you have a short waist or a long waist. With this information, you will know if your body shape will look and feel good in low-rise pants.

A short waist means the distance between your natural waist, the smallest part of your body, and the crotch is short. If you have this, you will look good in low-rise jeans regardless of your body type. This type of jeans is not meant for those people who have a long natural rise.

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Hourglass Body Type

This body shape has the most beautiful waist that comes with round shoulders and buttocks that are larger than the hips. The low-rise jeans look great for this body shape since it highlights the small waist.

Straight Body Type

This is also called the rectangle body type. This is the body type wherein all the measurements of all the sections are similar. This is the supermodel type of body, and this will make a good match with low-rise jeans. You can find various designs of low-rise jeans out in the market.

Inverted Triangle BodyType

A typical inverted triangle body type means that the shoulders are broad and the hips narrow, particularly compared with the shoulders. The reason it’s easy for inverted triangle body types to look good in low-rise jeans is that the body does not have much waist definition while the hips tend to become narrower.

Skinny Body Type

When you are skinny overall, chances are low-rise jeans look great on you. Still, you also have to consider if you have a short or long waist. A skinny body type with a shorter waist will appear stunning in low rise pants. You may also try a padded bra along with a crop top and then a pair of low-rise jeans. This can easily make you stand out from the rest. A skinny body type with a long waist will also look great in low-rise jeans, but it may not be that comfortable since the jeans will end up halfway on the belly.

Athletic Body Type

This refers to a well-toned body with toned abs. With ell-shaped shoulders and tight hips, the low-rise jeans will highlight the waist, making the jeans look fabulous on you.