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Lovely Water Features to Consider for Your Home

In many cultures, water is associated with a lot of positive things,including life, peacefulness, purity, and harmony. By having water features in your home, you can incorporate these establishedqualities of water into your home’s overall design and character.

Which water features are usually available to homeowners? Will your home benefit greatly from any of them? We’ll give you a rundown of some of the most popular options, as well as a few suggestions on how to make them work out nicely for your home.

water features for residential properties

  1. Swimming Pool

Swimming pools are mostly installed for recreational purposes, but they can also serve as an excellent centerpiece for a big yard. Custom-shaped pools with small islands accentuated by rocks and vegetation can greatly enhance the aesthetic and monetary value of a property. If you have a home with a large enough space, a swimming pool can be one of the most impressive (and fun) water features you can get.

  1. Fish Pond

A fish pond is a nice way to add more color and life to your garden. Unlike a swimming pool, which is almost always restricted to larger properties, a fish pond is a viable option even for homes with limited yard space. As for what species of fish to keep in a pond, koi, goldfish, and minnows are by far the most popular options, but other types of fish and even reptiles such as turtles can also thrive in a fish pond.

  1. Garden Fountain

Garden fountains are among the most popular water features for residential properties because they do not require too much space and maintenance. Garden fountains are usually made of stone or ceramic, and installing one takes less time than a fishpond. As a bonus, a garden fountain can also function as a bird bath, attracting different species of birds in your yard.

  1. Wall Fountain

Water features don’t always have to be installed outdoors. A wall fountain is small enough to be installed indoors, making them a great addition to your personal office, living room, entrance hall, or even a large bathroom. Wall fountains look great on their own or beside other decors such as potted plants and tall vases. Many wall fountains available today also have built-in lights to make look them even more stunning.

  1. Reflecting Pool

If there’s one kind of water feature that best exemplifies tranquility, it has to be the reflecting pool. Basically a shallow pond that feature very little ripples or water movement, a reflecting pool’s calm surface reflects light and everything else near it, creating a soothing effect among those who look at it. Large reflecting pools are more commonly seen in commercial or public areas, but a smaller version can work great in residential properties.

  1. Water Curtain

Water curtains are incredibly versatile decorations. Small water curtains can work as partitions that separate the different areas of your home,preserving the roomy look and feel of an open layout. You can also use water curtains to complement other existing water features. As if they’re not impressive enough, modern water curtains can also usually be programmed to control the stream of water from each nozzle, creating beautiful patterns and shapes.

  1. Indoor Pond

Indoor ponds are a great way to take up excess floor space in exceptionally large rooms. Often paired with wall fountains and water curtains, indoor ponds are among the most visually impressive elements one can introduce in a modern home. Indoor ponds can also have fish in it, but an arrangement of ornamental water plants will also look fine.

Whether it’s a full-sized multi-story home with a big yard or a small apartment unit, you can enhance your home by adding some kind of water feature. Feel free to get help from a home remodeling professional or a landscaping expert to help you get a better idea on what works best for your property.