Study MBBS in China

List of Expenses Borne As You Study MBBS in China

Nowadays students are very much curious to expand their learning and skills up to a maximum extent. If someone is looking to pursue MBBS from abroad, then China is a perfect choice. The educational standard of China is very much higher, i.e. the universities of China keep on updating the syllabus according to the latest trends in the technology.

One’s Destination, Is Never A Place, But A New Way Of Seeing Things.

This quote depicts that traveling will give you multiple experiences which cannot be extracted in other ways; in fact, it captures your reality and wraps it perfectly. If you choose China for higher studies, it helps you to mature your experience and learning along with this it also gives you a new insight that will be probably an ultimate destination of yours.

There are ample of scholarship schemes offered by the government or private or various universities of China. The scholarships in study mbbs in china are very useful for international students to manage their expenses during studies. The lists of expenses that international students have borne during the study mbbs in china are as follows:

Tuition Fees of Medical Universities in China

The average tuition fees in public universities lie in between the range of 3300 and 10000 USD per year. The fee for the English-taught degree is approximately lies between 2200 and 4500 USD per year, whereas medicine, engineering and business lie between 24000 and 50000 USD per year. There are several private medical universities in China, where one can apply for the MBBS course. The tuition fee at the private medical universities in China is starting at around 8000 USD per year.

Medical Universities in China

Living Expenses in China

China is a modern country, i.e. the people have an excellent living standard. Beijing, Shanghai, and Shenzhen are the most expensive cities in China. The cost of living depends on the accommodation which individual choice for them. If the students choose, highly modern cities for living during the course, the cost will be more whereas if the student chooses normal living accommodation, then it costs less.

There are several options for International students for accommodation where they can stay comfortably. In China, there are various types of accommodation for the students includes

Student residence halls cost between 150 and 400 USD per month.

Renting a flat in China costs in between 300 and 1,000 USD per month, i.e., one-bedroom apartment, Homestay charges lies between the between 350 and 550 USD per month.

Some medical universities or colleges also provide hostel facilities on the campus, which is most suitable for international students. The charges of the hotel accommodation depend upon different colleges or universities.

Food and Transportation Charges

It is among the important points to note that there are some accommodations available in China, which include food cost along with the living expenses, whereas there are some living accommodations which do not include food cost in such cases students have to pay extra charges for the food. In addition to this, the transportation charges are also less in China, which is beneficial for all the International students. The metro ride in the city costs 0.5 USD, and city bus cost 0.3 USD. Students can use any mode of transportation to travel in the city.

Extra Costs

The students who are pursuing MBBS must have to buy study material. The cost of study material lies between the ranges of 30 to 50 USD per semester.

To attract International students, China offers ample scholarship facilities to the students. There are some scholarships which providing full funding to the students, whereas there are some schemes which provide partial funding to the International students. The schemes of scholarship are meant for all courses at the graduate, postgraduate or Ph.D. levels.

These are the few expenses which one must keep in mind while choosing the university or medical college for the higher studies. The students must have a clear view of the expenses of the MBBS program, before taking admission in the medical college of China.