Learn Why Should People Have Lawyers And Conveyancers In Melbourne

Learn Why Should People Have Lawyers And Conveyancers In Melbourne

Legal professionals are as important as family doctors and play a significant role in various aspects. According to professionals, people should not even consider signing on a lease or agreement before getting legal consultation. Many people fail to recognize the need for lawyers and conveyancers in Melbourne and other regions. Moreover, although they both are legal practitioners, yet they still vary in various aspects.

Who is a lawyer?

A lawyer is a legal practitioner who is entitled to practice law, along with protecting their client’s rights and upholding the integrity of the law. Some of the most common practices associated with lawyers are providing legal advice to their clients, representing them in courts of law, gathering evidence or information about the case, drafting legal documents for divorce, contracts, wills, and much more.

Lawyers have different types of duties apart from court trials. It includes child custody, division of assets, legal filing required for adoption, and much more. Some lawyers are also specialized in any subcategory of their duties. In other words, a person might be a lawyer along with being a divorce specialist. Moreover, the most common types of lawyers are:

  • Family lawyers- They are law professionals specialized in different areas of family law. They assist the family in divorce, child custody, adoption, and many other areas.
  • Divorce specialist- Assist their clients with all the legal aspects included to terminate any marriage.
  • Immigration lawyer- They help people considered aliens to determine their legal rights and obligations and gain legal citizenship in their country.
  • Criminal lawyer- Represent individuals and firms with criminal charges in courts of law. They include various matters such as fraudulence, theft, embezzlement, domestic violence crimes, and many more crimes.

Who is a conveyancer?

Conveyancing is the process of transferring ownership of the property to another person and conveyancers are legal professionals to have expertise in buying and selling. The process of conveyancing is generally divided into three stages:

  • pre-contract
  • pre-completion
  • post-completion

Conveyancers also assist people in drafting all the necessary documents required for the transfer of title. They prepare their clients for the crucial legal dates to appear before the courts of law. They are also the most suitable option for people without any proper knowledge of detailed documents required during the transfer of ownership of the land.

People are advised to have conveyancers especially if they are:

  • Engaging in buying and selling of the property
  • Subdividing property
  • Updating the land registered

In addition to this, lawyers and conveyancers in Melbourne also help their clients to do a thorough research of the property to check for easements and other address other necessary details.


It is necessary to have legal consultation in various aspects of life. People can prevent themselves from getting scammed by ensuring they have all the required legal documents and legal support from their lawyers.