Key Objectives of a Good User Activity Monitoring System

Managing your private and sensitive data is always a tough job. At one hand, you are there to learn about your users and help them understand about the possible ways to access your database; on the other hand you need to make sure that every user stays on track and on course throughout your database, safely and efficiently.

Why User Activity Monitoring Is Required?

When you allow a user to access your personal data for various reasons, you may find yourself wondering how to monitor user activity. Monitoring the users can not only help your keep a track of where they are in terms of accessing your database, but also point out which users are trying to steal your data and where. By knowing how to monitor your user’s activity in a seamless way, you can actually protect your important data from unauthorized uses.

Due to the availability of some excellent user activity monitoring system, the task of user activity monitoring has become easier that it was in the past. This type of solutions can be seamlessly integrated with your existing database management system, thereby helping you to perform security analysis, filtering database, and check workflows.

user activity monitoring system


Advanced User Activity Monitoring System:

This type of user activity monitoring system is basically designed to help customers make better use of their existing investment in IT infrastructure, for user activity management and bring multiple applications together to centralize user information and to automate the user activity monitoring process.

The ability of this type of system to enabling customers to identify potential privacy threats, filter user activities and manage detailed workflow. This type of system actually offers enhanced authentication, authorization and user management. Customers can take contextual, data-driven decisions through the unification of detail user information from multiple sources.

Ease of Use:

User activity monitoring system can be implemented on your existing database platform. You can monitor the inside activities of all your users on your own network. It also allows you to monitor the remote activities of your users to prevent security breaches and potential misuse of your data. This type of user activity monitoring system is an excellent opportunity to increase business productivity and your Return of Investment (ROI).

A good user activity monitoring system works such a way that it remains obscure to the user. The most popular user of this type of system is to secure your sensitive data in your cloud with unprecedented visibility for any business user. Most notable user activity monitoring systems serve as an extension of your business team and can act as a solution for business organizations of all sizes.

Some of the user activity monitoring service providers comes with an expert team of HIPAA compliance, security, and product analysis experts, and giving worry-free user activity monitoring – giving you the time and scope to focus on the other important tasks and projects.