Issues only a split AC user will understand

Coming home to a refreshingly cool house after a long day under the scorching heat of the sun has an indescribable satisfaction of its own. However, central air-conditioning is quite costly while window units are a source of incessant noises. A more feasible and affordable option would be a split air-conditioner system.

A split air-conditioner includes an outdoor unit as well as an indoor unit. The installation of the outdoor unit is done near the exterior wall of the room where you wish to cool. This unit contains the compulsory condenser coil and the expansion coil. Here are some of the most common problems faced by a split AC user:

Refrigerant leakage:

If your AC is not cooling properly that means it is running low on refrigerant. Due to the high pressure at which the coolant is stored, all the joints in the copper wire are under pressure. Due to corrosion, caused by humidity, these copper pipes develop rust on the on the surface and develop holes through which leakage happens. Repairing for leakage problem is fairly easy. Consult the professionals from the split AC service in Ghaziabad and get your refrigerant refilled.

Compressor switching off too quickly:

Accumulation of dust and debris clogs the filters of the split AC. Due to this, the AC works even harder for the air to circulate, thus increasing the AC’s temperature above the ideal temperature. Just take out the filters and wash it with tap water. Do this every month and you are good to go.

Accumulation of ice on the cooling coil:

When the refrigerant level is low, the cooling temperature of the of the coil drops, much below the normal temperature resulting in condensation of the moisture, present in the room, on the coil and freezing. To rectify the problem, call services of AC repair in Ghaziabad.

The foul smell upon switching on the AC:

Ever experienced a foul smell on switching on your split air-conditioner unit? The problem lies within the drainage system of the AC. Accumulation of dust and debris inside the drain pipe and drain tray leads to blocking of water and starts smelling bad. Get the repair technician to clear out the drainage system and the problem is solved.

Split AC is not starting:

This happens most likely, due to a fault in the PCB of the AC unit. There’s no specific reason behind the failure of PCB. it could be caused by too frequent on-off cycles, physical damages etc.

Too much noise made by the indoor unit:

The fan present inside the indoor unit is the reason behind those latch obnoxious noises you heard upon switching on your AC. A day to day basis usage may misbalance the fan, making it shift from its original position. Call the technician and he would just dismantle the indoor unit and fix the fan’s position. Sometimes accumulation of dirt on the fan also causes the fan to vibrate. Cleaning the fan after every 2 weeks would solve the problem.