Invest in Gold With Trusted Melbourne Gold Dealers

Selling gold or silver bullion is the best possible way to cash in on your investment. Great investors appreciate the fact that the price of precious metals can go up or down depending on seasons. As of this writing, the price of gold and silver bullion is high. It is the right time to seek out a certified gold and silver dealer in Melbourne who can buy gold and silver bullion at a superior rate.

When it comes to investing in precious metals, it is always imperative to opt for a certified specialist that can help you make the right investment decision. Choose the best gold dealer with extensive experience in the gold trade, and that is fair in assessing and evaluating precious metals. When you want to sell gold bullion Melbourne, be informed that Melbourne Gold Company is an industry leader specialising in buying unwanted jewellery, gold and silver bullion in the region.

Melbourne Gold Company leads the pact in Melbourne as far as buying gold and silver bullion goes. We offer on-the-spot gold and silver testing and assessment using state-of-the-art evaluation equipment. Whenever you decide to sell your precious metals to us, you will be privileged to have a fair and honest assessment right on the spot.

Our Company Philosophy

Our company ethos revolves around facilitating an advanced supply channel and competitive pricing. We always employ the highest level of integrity across all our trading practices. We have tailored our business model in such a way that customers find it easy to sell gold bullion Melbourne. We buy precious metals in three different ways, including online, over the phone or at our gold buying suite located in Melbourne’s CBD.

Get Cash For Your Gold and Silver Bullion From Trusted Gold Dealers in Melbourne

At Melbourne Gold Company, we offer the best rates for gold, jewellery, silver and other items. Our experienced staff will assess your items on the spot and pay you directly in cash. The entire process is easy and quick. And, most transactions are completed in just under 15 minutes.

We aim to offer the most transparent and competitive gold rates in the industry. All prices are advertised and guaranteed. We purchase all quantities of jewellery, silver bullion and gold bullion that you have to sell. Payment is made either in cash, cheque or direct bank deposit. We make all payments on the spot with no hidden fees or charges.

Why Choose Melbourne Gold Company?

100% Security for your Investment

Melbourne gold Company is and always remains the first choice for gold, silver investors who wish to safeguard their wealth. We can buy and invest in a broad array of precious metal products. Besides, we provide different security options to ensure your investment is 100% secure.

Honest and Transparent Valuation

Melbourne Gold Company is honoured with the service of highly specialised professionals, who value and assess all precious metals in front of a client and provide accurate quotes in real time. We utilise XRF equipment to determine the purity of all silver and gold items.

This is to make certain all customers can get quotes with 100% accuracy. It should be noted with concern that low-grade testing approaches do not provide the reassurance or accuracy demanded by both sellers and buyers. Luckily, our latest scientific scales for weight detection enable us to deliver entirely accurate analysis of gold, silver and jewellery.

Here’s why our competitors cannot beat us in this respect:

– We are the highest paying gold dealers in Melbourne
– We buy jewellery, silver and gold in any condition
– As a seller, you deal directly with us and avoid the middle men
– We calculate all weight tests and purity in front of the seller

In summary, Melbourne Gold Company is committed to providing fast testing and evaluation of your precious metals. If you choose to sell gold bullion Melbourne, give us a try. We ensure the most competitive rates in Melbourne given that we use automated pricing system that is related to the world gold trading price. With us, you get up-to-the-minute payment value for your precious metals with no hidden fees.

For more information you can visit Melbourne Gold Company at the following address

Melbourne Gold Company

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227 Collins Street

Melbourne, Victoria

Australia 3000

Phone: (03) 8678 2085