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Instilling Roominess into Your Rooms by Using Sliding Doors

Doors are basically used to block or allow access to different parts of the house in a building. The doors that slide occupy fairly lesser space and have been in use since the inception of the 1st century in Roman houses as the archaeological survey in Italy indicate. A mechanism called sliding door gear makes a door to slide. In modern times the sliding doors are available in various types and styles and are being used extensively in domestic as well as commercial buildings.

Why should you use sliding doors?

Using doors that slide is advantageous because 

  • There is no room required to keep the door open
  • It is amenable to automation. This makes it suitable for entrance doors,
  • It is a comparatively secure system because it is impossible to lift it from the hinges.
  • There is no worry of clobbering your head against the door even when the cabinet is open which helps in streamlining space and at the same time increases the functionality.
  • To mask things such as television or bookshelves when they are not used.
  • As a piece that adds to the architectural interest
  • It makes the entrance look larger than it actually is
  • It helps you to have a better view of your garden alongwith ensuring the security.
  • The sliding door can be used to block sound and sunlight to a certain extent.


Places where sliding doors can be used

  • Entrance doors in commercial establishments
  • Bypass doors between two rooms
  • Pocket doors
  • Arcadia doors
  • Shower doors
  • Wardrobe doors 

Designing a sliding door 

You can actually design a sliding door as it is amenable to customization in all aspects and can be designed depending on the purpose for which it is made. The materials that can be used to make the sliding doors are also numerous. You have options to customize

  • Door designs: You can choose a design that suits your purpose and also have options to customize the number of panels and the materials to be used in the panels. For example, you may want to completely block the view of the utility area of your kitchen, for which you could use wood or fiber panels, while you would want to see the lawn in the exterior from the French window in your dining area, this is possible if the panels are closed with glass. You can also decide on the size of the glass that seems suitable to you.
  • Finishes: Aluminium frames are used in the manufacturing of frames for sliding doors as they are least affected by climatic changes. But wooden frames are also quite suitable for fixing doors that slide. You have options to choose either one of them depending on the place where you intend to use the sliding door. For example, you can use a wooden frame inside rooms and aluminum frames in areas which are exposed to direct sunlight such as the patio door.
  • Glass types: When you decide to use glass panels you again have options to choose the thickness of the glass to be used as well as the opacity of the glass you wish to use.
  • Accessories: You have umpteen number of options as far as accessorizing the sliding door and it has a wide variety and you may choose from the range of designer handles, locks, etc.
  • Track options:   You could also choose the type of track system that will serve the purpose. If you are not sure you can get the guidance of the expert and pick the best one from the different types of track options such as Top Hung sliding doors, bottom rolling door gear, lift-and-slide door gear and in case of commercial establishments, even automatic sliding doors can be availed.