Install KENT CamEye in your Playschool Vans and don’t escape the Safety of Kids On-board

Playschool is the first learning step for children, their education starts from this very place. Therefore, a number of playschools are operational in the city, promising the best teaching with nurturing every child. But running this business is not a piece of cake and in fact, the administration has to meet a lot of responsibility. The first thing they have to deal with is the security of preschooler children.

Most of the playschools are offering live streaming of the CCTV footage of the premises and classroom, to assure parents that their kids are safe at school. But what about the security of kids when they are shuttled on the school bus? Kids need to be safeguarded in the school bus, as it is yet another fragile place for them, at least many of the past incidences are enough to bring this concern into the light.

As a playschool administrator, you can employ KENT CamEye as school bus tracker system, which can help in ensuring 100% safety of the kids on-board. You can install this dash cam with GPS tracker that would help you maintain the security of kids while driven in the school bus. It comes with tamper protection features like reboot attempt, and power cable removed alert, that would make you aware of the drivers trying to play foul.

There are many other features in KENT CamEye, which you will find quite helpful in providing the safety of school kids. Here’s, how you can utilise the device in your school buses or vans.

Check the recorded footage

KENT CamEye records time-lapse video for both the inside and outside view of the vehicle. So, with the device installed in your school van/bus, the video of both the views will be recorded and stored in secure cloud storage. You can access the video through the KENT CamEye app synced with the device, where it remains available to watch and download if required.

For instance, a parent complains about any misconduct with the child in the bus, you can check the recorded time-lapse footage to dig out the facts behind the incidence. It would sing the entire story to make you able to take the required action.

Inspect the driver’s conduct with live streaming

Time to time inspection of facilities and staff is a common sight in every school, but it happens within the premises. Again the in-transit behaviour of drivers remains left out. You can get this job done through a school bus tracker like KENT CamEye. This device offers live video streaming using which you can monitor the driver and his assistant. You can watch the live footage of inside the bus to see if kids are safely driven in the school bus/van.

In case if you find anything misleading and wrong in the bus, you can use the 2-way calling feature in KENT CamEye app. It would let you directly communicate with the driver and his assistant letting them know that they are under surveillance.  Since the access of the device is with the admin only, the driver or his assistant won’t be able to ignore the call.

Get instant alert for rash driving

When kids are on-board the driver has to be sensible and drive cautiously. However, there might be one driver in your school, who won’t bother to follow such ethics. You can use KENT CamEye to keep a close watch on them, it tells about the speed of the bus/van. You can set the speed limit for the safety of kids, and the moment driver will accelerate the van or bus, you would receive an alert for the same. You can then immediately take action on the drivers for their fatal driving event.

Hence, having a school bus tracker system in vans/buses would be the best addition in the safety measures of your playschool kids.  You can get a free demo of KENT CamEye, simply by calling at +91 9582612345.