Innovative And Creative Gifting Ideas

India being a land filled with festivals, culture, and traditions, gifting is a ritual followed by everyone. Be it a birthday, or an anniversary or a festival, people love giving gifts. It is a sweet and a kind gesture. Be it a corporate or an individual or a client, everyone gifts their family members, employees, clients, business partners, friends one day or another. A recent trend that has come up is to gift foreigners or NRI’s or tourist people when they visit India.

Now the big question is what can we gift people? How can we be different from the rest? Why is it necessary to gift the same old boring items? It is time to make your gift interesting and creative. A gift is something that will be kept as a souvenir and that can be cherished forever. So it is good to give something which rich, traditional and classic. People love traditional products and culture influenced items. Let’s make a trend of gifting Indian handmade products. These have a lot of value and people receiving the gift will cherish it for a lifetime.

Few of the handmade items that can be gifted are as follows:

  1. House décor: It always nice to gift handmade lamps, wall décor, candles, hand-woven bed linen or cloth décor, idols to people. These can be gifted to people as a housewarming present or people who got recently married. These things look gorgeous when decorated in the house. The house will have a classic vintage traditional décor. Handmade house décor will add color to the house.
  2. Handmade textiles, sarees, and ethnic wear: This is the best gift to give the special lady in your life. You can gift it to your mother, sister, and wife’s birthday. You can gift your wife on your wedding anniversary. Ladies love handmade attires. It adds value and color to their wardrobe.
  3. Jewellery: Gifting jewellery is the safest bet. A lady can never say no to jewellery. You can be creative when you are gifting jewellery. You can gift beautiful earrings, rings, neckpieces, bracelets etc. Handmade earrings and bracelets will be really something special to gift. Instead of spending on one expensive piece, you can always gift them an assortment of different colorful earrings, bracelets, neckpieces. There are beautiful quilling jhumkas online for you to choose from.
  4. Customized figurines or idols: This again is a creative gifting idea. This can be gifted especially as a corporate gift or if you have to gift for a large group. It is good to make a customized figurine that can look good on a desk. It is easy to order these figurines and idols in bulk. These figurines will give an emphasis on the rich culture and tradition.
  5. Handicrafts: There are different types of handicrafts available such as metal, silver, brass, antique etc. These are the best gifts to give NRI’s friends and families or to your foreigner friend who recently visited India. You can give these to keep it as a souvenir. This will remind them of the Indian rich culture and traditions.

These are some of the basic yet unique gifting ideas that you can use. It is always good to make your gift personal, creative and innovative. These gifts will be cherished for a lifetime and will have its value.