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Immigration Bonds – A Type Of Surety Bonds For The Detainee

Immigration bonds are a type of surety bonds with construction bonds being the other type. Construction bonds relate to a project and its accomplishment before the stipulated time period. While these bonds relate to jail or detention in the sense that if a person is a non-citizen in a particular country or state, then he/she must sign these bonds as a matter of personal recognizance. This is in complete agreement with the immigration laws and must be followed as and when possible to the maximum extent.

These bonds can be served as a matter of safety and security of the non-citizens as well as the country or state concerned and thus must be used cautiously and judiciously. The person concerned will be released from the jail or captivity only if the following bonds meet the specified conditions and are up to the mark. This is the whole and sole reason why they seem to be more complex and confusing especially to a layman possessing little or no knowledge about the same. Thus, one can very well say that it is always better to consult the experts and take their specialized help in case of these bonds.

Some initial details must be fetched and then only the experts must be consulted. These initial details relate to the following:

  • Detainee’s legal name in full.
  • Alien number which generally starts with an “A”.
  • City and State as well as the Location wherein the person is detained.
  • Bond Amount which must be submitted to free that person.

The next question which comes to the mind is that “how can these immigration bonds be obtained?” In fact there are two ways specified in order to free a person from any kind of detention or jail for that matter. These two types are mentioned as below with their complete details:

  • Cash or Cashier’s check

In this case, the detainee is released only when the Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) tends to receive the full and final amount of the bond being talked about directly and personally. Once all the conditions mentioned in the bond have been fulfilled then this amount is returned back to the detained person.

  • Surety Bond

In this case, the detainee is supposed to make a part payment or percentage of the total bond amount and the rest will be served by the company taking the responsibility of the same. It becomes the job of the company concerned to deal with the Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) and settle the case sooner the better. That is how the detainee is released.

Now the question that comes to the mind is “who determines the cost of these bonds?” The Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) or a Magistrate is held responsible to decide the cost of the bond being talked about. Rest it depends on the risk involved and accordingly the amount is finalized.

These immigration bonds can be renewed every year till the time they are active and not paid in full by the detainee or the concerned company.