Gift Card

How to Use Your Vanilla Gift Card

Vanilla card is one of the most important tools you need to arm yourself with if you want to enjoy online transactions. The card is also useful for purchasing in-store and it is accepted at millions of retail stores in the United States and District of Columbia. You will never regret using this card for your online and in-store transactions considering the numerous benefits associated with the use of the card.  The gift card had been around for a very long time now and none of the card carriers have ever had any cause to complain. This means you too will not have any reason to complain if you opt for vanilla Visa today.

How to use the card

The vanilla gift card can be used exactly the same way you use any other prepaid card for online and in-store transactions.  All you have to do is to present the card to the cashier at the retail store when you want to pay for the items you have bought. You can then press “Credit” on the POS keyboard and then sign the receipt.  The card can be easily used for a debit transaction any time you like also.   You will be required to select a PIN for debit transaction for that card before you can do this. Make sure that the PIN you select for debit transaction on your prepaid gift card can only be accessed by you and also make sure that it is a set of numbers that you can easily remember.

Low fee per transaction  

The balance on your card will gradually reduce as you spend the money on transactions. You will also be billed a fee per transaction, but the fee is very low when you use vanilla gift card, unlike what obtains when you use another type of prepaid card.  Make sure you have adequate amount on the card before you carry out any transaction.  This will ensure that you can pay the full amount for the fee and the cost of the item you want to buy from the card balance without any hitch. There is a 100% assurance that you will never regret using this card for your transactions.