How to take an interest in your local Indian cricket club

When it comes to sport in India, cricket is still arguably the biggest and most talked about around. Played pretty much everywhere from Kolkata to Mumbai, it is thought that cricket fans in the country number around 1 billion! This is set to rise even further with the growing popularity of the women’s game helping to move it forward into the 21st century.

While international cricket and eye-catching tournaments such as the IPL are naturally exciting, it really is worth taking an interest in your local cricket club as well. The domestic Indian cricket scene is every bit as good, with competitions such as the Ranji Trophy and Vijay Hazare Trophy providing plenty of great matches. Getting involved with your local club can also simply give you more direct access to the game and help you see stars of the future while they are still young.

How can you go about taking an interest in the cricket club nearest to you?

Check online for news 

One very easy and effective way is to simply check online for sports news. Even the smallest clubs now will have a website or social media profiles with key information. There are also many online sports news sites where the next cricket matches in India for your local team can be found along with other key stories. Taking an interest in this way is easy and does not even involve you having to get up and leave the house!

Attend matches in person 

Of course, the most exciting and fun way to get involved with your local team is to attend their games regularly. Local teams will not charge much to get in, and you will often see a decent standard of cricket on offer to enjoy. If you are free to head along, they make a great day out for the whole family and are the ideal way to spend a sunny afternoon. Of course, it will also help you to keep tabs on how they are playing, which players are in form, and the general news around the club from talking to other fans there.

Get more involved with the club personally 

As noted above, one of the benefits of engaging with Indian cricket on a local level is the direct involvement that it can offer. You may, for example, find that your local team needs help maintaining the pitch or in the club shop. Or they may have a kids’ team where you can take your young ones along for training. This sort of thing is ideal for taking more of an interest in cricket and getting involved with the game on a personal level.

Domestic cricket in India is worth supporting 

While watching the international team play on TV is enjoyable, nothing quite matches the thrill of following your local team or helping them out. Whether you just go to games or take a more active role around the club, it gives an experience that higher levels of cricket simply cannot offer.