How to Rewire Your Mind and Discover Self Mastery?

The power of the mind

Have you ever wondered why some people manage to get everything they want, while others don’t even stand close to their fortune? We all do at some point in time. They don’t have a magic wand or a secret spell to change their lives. What they do is work with the law of attraction and turn their dreams into a reality.

Psychologists and scientists throughout the globe have been trying the solve the puzzle called the human mind. It’s interesting to note how the neural patterns in our brain define the outside reality for people. It’s believed that our past experiences determine how we perceive reality. It’s commonly told by a number of spiritual gurus that you are a result of your thoughts. Well, this can never be truer than it is in your everyday lives.

But, sadly, some negative experiences in the past create negative neural pathways, which tend to manifest the undesired things in your present. You tend to believe in the negative chatter of the brain, thus becoming incapable of harnessing your true potentials. But, in reality, you can achieve a lot more in life by rewiring your mind to think differently. Once you do so, you discover self-mastery and achieve what you wish to achieve in life.

Discovering yourself by rewiring your mind

Now that you got a fair idea of how powerful your mind is, you should take steps to rewire it. Below are a few self-mastery ways to help you do this:

Acknowledge your negativity

No one is perfect in this world. We all have some sort of negativity or the other. But what could potentially harm us is our own unawareness. If you are aware that you have negative thoughts, you win half the battle. Most people fail despite trying for months to change their lives is because they are not conscious of their negativity.

In order to change something, you need to first identify it. You should learn to acknowledge your negative emotions and thoughts before you can change them. Write them down or talk to somebody about them. Once these enter your conscious mind from your subconscious mind, it becomes easier to change them.

Flip your thoughts

Once you identify your negative thoughts, the next step is to change them. This is the most challenging part because it needs you to change your perspective a little. For example, you may want to write a story for a publication but you always land up thinking that you can’t. The most common excuse people give is “I am simply NOT good at it”.

Words like “no” and “can’t” actually reinforce the negative pathways in your brain. In order to realize your true potential, you need to stop telling these words to yourself. Instead, you should observe your negative thoughts and replace them with positive ones. You can create a list of positive affirmations and keep repeating them in your head. Your mind will eventually start believing them to be true.

Focus on your present

You may not know but the law of attraction is constantly working for us. The universe communicates not through the past or the future but through the present moment. You need to understand that the present is the only time you have. The past is gone and the future is yet to come. Focusing on these two will keep you swinging between depression and anxiety like a pendulum.

You may be depressed thinking of a bad relationship you had or worried about what your future holds for you. Doing so causes you to miss out the wonderful pleasures that life gives you in the present. Living in the present reduces worries and provides clarity of thought. You feel more connected to yourself and the world around you, thus making life much more beautiful for you.

Maintain a gratitude journal

In order to achieve true happiness, you should be grateful for what you have now. In the fast-paced world that you live in, it’s natural for you to miss out its real beauty. From your basic amenities to your caring family and friends, life has actually given you whatever you need. So it’s up to you how you want to thank life for it.

But maintaining a gratitude journal is a good way to thank life for its bounty. You should make it a habit to say a big “thank you” so that your brain learns how to look at the positives of life. Practicing gratitude every day rewires your mind to attract more of the good things to your life. You start feeling happier inside because everything will serendipitously work out for you.


Meditation and mindfulness have become the buzzwords in today’s awakened society. People around the globe are realizing the benefits of meditation as a self-mastery practice. Why shouldn’t they? We all need an anchor to keep us afloat in today’s challenging world. Meditation has been used for centuries as a mind-control technique owing to its positive impacts on one’s thought process.

Most people think that meditation is useless and difficult. But, in reality, it is one of the most powerful techniques that can transform people’s lives completely. A number of scientific studies have concluded that practicing meditation for 30 minutes a day can lower stress, improve health, and rewire the mind to think positively. It is, therefore, a great way to attract positivity into your life.

Life is not a bed of roses. It is full of ups and downs. It’s up to you how you handle them. The only way you can create the life you desire is by controlling and harnessing your mind power. Almost all successful people have realized the power of their mind and brought about a huge transformation in their personal and professional lives.

It may seem difficult initially. But it certainly becomes better with time. There will come a time when your mind will be free of negative beliefs, and you will be working in sync with the divine power of the universe. Persistent efforts and patience can help you change your thought patterns, and ultimately change the way you perceive reality.