How to prepare for Design Entrance Exams

There are two types of people when it comes to designing; the one who looks at a good piece of clothing or any art form and says, “Wow! That looks great!” and the other one who looks at it and goes, “Wow! I want to learn how to do design such stuff”. Those who fall in the second category are the ones who have the creative knack for them and if given the right training and guidance could one day become a top designer themselves. But the million dollar question here is, how? How to reach there? Where to begin? What to do? The questions are endless, and the options too are many. Therefore, here a few basic tips to help the budding designers get started

  1. Be sure about it

There are a plenty career options available for students today. Gone are the days when people only became doctors and engineers. Nowadays, people join professional courses as well as institutional courses for anything under the sun. So, don’t opt for designing just because it’s the hot pick or because one is unsure about what career path to tread on. If, there is love for designing and a creative knack in a person, and a career in designing looks promising as well as satisfying then only start the research on how and where to pursue it. These are some of the courses that can help one to shape the career in the best possible manner that can offer golden future.

  1. Shortlist the best institutes and colleges

There are many colleges and institutes which provide art and design courses in India. Most of the top institutes are deemed and have their own entrance tests which a pursuer needs to clear before they can get enrolled in the design courses that they offer. There are numerous factors increasing reviews and credentials that one has to take care while choosing an institute.

  1. Join a good coaching center

Getting into the top and best design institutes isn’t a walk in the park. Preparation is the key to anything in life and so would be the case here as well. So, join a good design entrance coaching class which has a good track record and some of best faculties.

  1. Prepare for all the entrance test (but prepare the most for the best ones)

Putting all eggs in one basket never works. So pick your top choice from the many institutes which provide the designing course and prepare for its entrance in the best possible way. Rather than preparing for all, prepare best for one. This will ensure that the entrance to that institute is cracked.

  1. Take guidance from existing and past students

Talk to past and present students who are either pursuing the course or have already completed the course. They will not only be able to guide on how they were able to clear the entrance, but a chat with them would also prepare you to face what might come once you enroll for the course.