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How to Pass Your PMP Certification on Your First Try

World’s top leading project management certification is the PMP certification. It has gained much popularity over many years. Now there are about 7, 50,000 PMP certificate holders that one can find worldwide.  PMP training is very essential now as 10% of the jobs of the project manager require the candidate to have a PMP certificate. PMP certificate is very necessary in the job market of today. PMP Dubai also helps in creating great project managers in Dubai.

Tips to pass PMP certification at the first try

  1. Understanding the big picture and the ITTO story

The PMBOK guide isn’t the most motivating and appealing reading material, but it is important to read as it explains how PMP project works from starting till the end.  It explains the project management processes in a simplified manner. One should always prepare ITTO story and a chart by looking at the PMBOK guide. Meet with the experts and have a look at all the existing projects.

  1. Create a cheat sheet

Before an individual walks into the exam centre, they are given 2 blank sheets of legal sized paper. If one wants additional sheet of paper, they need to return back one of the sheets that were given already. One can only have 2 sheets at a time. This provides with a chance of staying calm and collecting thoughts.

  1. Create memory aids

The best way for speeding the learning process is by creating a memory aid. For identifying risks, information gathering techniques that can be used are SWOT analysis, Brainstorming, Root Cause Analysis, Interviews and Delphi Technique. One just has to use these techniques in the best way possible.

  1. Do practice questions

A very common misconception that PMP candidates have is that they have to rely on real experiences for answering PMP questions, but that is not needed. There is structure and framework that PMI has which has to be followed by the project managers.

  1. Know your formulas

Just when you enter into the prometrics centre, the computer pulls out about 200 random questions from the database. The candidates that might be sitting next to you would also be giving PMP exam, but all of them would be having different exam papers.

The computer software does not necessarily have formula based questions. About, 5-10% of the exam involves mathematical calculations. Main formula categories of the PMP exam are: Procurement and Earned Value Management i.e.EVM.

Why should one choose PMP Dubai Certification?

As a professional, if you want to authenticate competency, then you definitely go for PMP Dubai Certification. Even if you’re planning to become a project manager and also want to enhance your skills and expertise, its one great opportunity for you. PMP handle and lead all types of projects that are accepted globally. If you have PMP Dubai certification, it’s easy to become a project manager in Dubai.

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