How to know if your bed linen can help you sleep well? Check out here

Did you know that you spend one-third of your entire life sleeping? Yes, you heard it right, that is why having enough sleep is very important to make your entire body function normally. Have you ever experienced dizziness, lightheadedness? Or sluggishness if you did not have enough sleep? This is because not having enough sleep deprives your body of its much-needed rest and recovery, and this could lead to unwanted health complications, and ultimately illness.

With that being said, you should get enough sleep every night. The average normal hours of sleep are eight to ten hours, and lesser than that can lead to irritability, sluggishness, and unproductive day at work or at school.

If you are having trouble to catch some quality hours of sleep, then maybe you have problems with your bedding, particularly your bed linens. You should invest some time checking on your bed linens and determine if the materials used in it can promote comfort and coziness which helps you sleep faster and longer.

To help you out, you should check the rest of the article about how to determine if your bed linen is preferable for your bed or not so that you can get that much-needed sleep every night courtesy of 1StopBedrooms coupon codes. 

  • Check the thread count- Although many have said that the thread count will not be an indication of the level of quality of a linen anymore, but, it is still one of the qualities that you have to check when buying your bed linens considering that this will tell how soft, crisp, and comfortable it will be once you use it. The most preferable thread count is 400 single pick percale sheet which will surely make your bed warmer, softer, and more comfortable. When buying your linens, make sure to ask the sales personnel for the thread count.
  • Check the materials of the linen- The type of material that you can choose for your linen sheets has everything to do with your own choice or your personal preference. All you have to do is think which is the most comfortable material that you can choose because you will be laid down on it for more than eight hours daily. You can choose comfortable sheets which have their own distinct characteristics, texture, feel, as well as comfort, and each of these types of materials has its own advantages and disadvantages that you should keep an eye on so that you can always buy something that gives the value of your money.
  • Check the weaving pattern- A lot of sheets are woven and will surely create a direct impact on its entire feel and comfort. Make sure if you want to choose woven linen for your bed, that it is lightweight, and it is tightly woven as well, this is because it will remain crisp, cool, and comfortable. There are also microfiber woven linens that are ultra-tight and has a dense weave that makes it resistant to wrinkling, and of course, it is extra-soft.