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How to keep your floors clean and clutter-free

Every season brings mess into our living spaces and deposits it on our floors. In winter, it is mud; in spring, dripping wet coats; in summer, food and drink being spilt as they are carried in and out from the garden; and in autumn, leaves start blowing in.

How can we cut down on the tasks of sweeping and mopping, and keep our engineered wood floors looking great with a lot less maintenance? Here are three simple tips to stop dirt in its tracks.

1. Use a sticky mat to trap dirt at the door

The best strategy is to trap dirt before it can get onto the floor. Lots of dust and dirt is tracked through the house by our shoes; therefore, some households have a rule that everyone changes into house shoes. If this seems like a bit of a faff, consider sticky mats.

These originated in the building industry to stop construction workers spreading dust and dirt outside the building area; now, they are available in domestic versions and are a great way to trap dirt at the door and keep it out of the house. Controlled Environments magazine recommends disposable sticky mats, which may be a good choice when it is particularly muddy and dirty outside.

Controlled Environments magazine

2. Get rid of clutter

If you have beautiful engineered flooring from a specialist such as, it is a shame to have lots of clutter that prevents you seeing it. The more clutter there is, the more dust and dirt will collect and the more mopping and sweeping you will need to do. Clear the floor and you won’t be making so much work for yourself. Consider getting a spot vacuum for areas in which dirt tends to collect – this could mean that you have to sweep the entire floor less frequently.

3. Clean spills straight away

For engineered flooring, wipe up any excess liquid and then use wood cleaner on the spot. If the spillage is a liquid such as red wine, blot it rather than rubbing and then follow the instructions provided by your flooring manufacturer. Be careful about using a chemical cleaner, as you may cause further damage.

These tips will give you more time to sit and admire your floor rather than cleaning it!