How to Incorporate Stone in Your Backyard Design

One of the greatest pleasures a person can have is enjoying the comforts of their own home. Now that the weather is finally getting warmer again, this enjoyment can also move into the backyard, too.

If your backyard is not complete or doesn’t look the way you would like, there are some great ideas out there on how to improve it, regardless of your budget.

Some of the most fascinating things can be achieved with stone if you know what you are doing. Landscaping and outdoor design experts at Pacific Dreamscapes suggest some of the most striking things you can do with stone.

Create a Visually Stunning Path or Steps

If your backyard is covered in grass and you would rather not cover it with cold stone completely, there is a median solution.

By adding individual stones which are not connected to each other, but close enough to each other to be able to step from one to the next, you can keep the mostly green nature of your backyard and still have a path or steps you need to walk around, especially in the rain.

Not only is it cheaper (you use less stone), but it can create a visually stunning design for your backyard; it’s a win-win.

Low Stone Wall

Another great way to use stone in your backyard design is to create a small barrier between your path or flowerbed and the lawn.

Most people prefer rustic-looking unprocessed, natural stones just stacked onto one another. However, if you have young children or pets who might come in contact with the barrier, you might consider using some adhesive.

If you hire a landscaper, you can have them use mortar to bind the stones together, but conceal it, so that it looks like they are just stacked.

Driveway Pave Stones

Many people prefer to create a single unit of their back and front yards, to decorate them in a similar fashion and to keep to the same theme.

However, driveways are often neglected and can be left to look like an eyesore, a concrete slab in front of your home.

Some driveway pavers in San Diego have been replacing the unimpressive concrete with paving stones. Not only are these visually more appealing, but make any repairs that need to be done much cheaper, as you will only have to remove the stones which are damaged or in the way of the works.

Completing the look of your home with driveway paving stones can only serve to increase your home’s curb appeal, driving the value of your home up, in case you ever decide to move and sell your home.

Moss and Stone Combo

A lot of people have a soft spot for moss-covered stones not only because they look beautiful, but they also remind them of some old manor or magical fantasy land.

However, this effect is not too difficult to create artificially, if you are skilled enough. Landscapers use this combo to create amazing paths which lead to fountains or ponds, as well as to create an illusion of a tropical flowerbed.

Stone Patios

If you have space, you probably want to have a nice patio with a sitting area or a nice outdoor grill.

Most of these patios are made of wood or concrete (or a combination of the two). However, there is nothing that can beat the visual appeal of a stone patio made by an outdoor designer. If you use a combination of different types of stone, the sky is the limit to what you can create.

Stone is one of the oldest building materials we use and even though we have made and found many more, we keep coming back to stone because of its durability and beauty.