How to Fix Common Double-Glazing Issues

Double glazing is an energy-efficient way to ensure your house is warm and secure. It will last a long time but needs regular maintenance. Here are some common double-glazing issues and how to fix them.

using a trickle vent

Condensation Inside the Window

Double-glazed windows can make condensation issues worse if the right steps aren’t taken to reduce the risks. The windows and doors seal up our homes, and in doing this moisture is often trapped, causing condensation issues.

The best way to reduce condensation occurring is by using a trickle vent. It’s also important to change your behaviours and remember to give your home adequate ventilation. Leaving your windows closed all the time leads to condensation.

Black Mould

Nobody likes to see black mould on their windows. It’s off-putting and can be dangerous for health. It’s due to adequate ventilation and will only get worse if steps aren’t taken to manage the problem.

Windows need to be opened regularly, especially when cooking or taking a shower. By providing your home with some much-needed ventilation you’ll reduce black mould. Dehumidifiers are also an effective solution.

Misted Windows on the Inside

If you find your windows are misty, then there’s a good chance they’re not working to provide a barrier from moisture anymore. It’s a problem that needs resolving because heating bills could rocket and you’ll lose the benefits double glazing offers.

using a trickle vent

Glass units are easy to replace, and a Tewkesbury double glazing company such as will replace your windows and doors.

Broken Window Handle

A broken handle is a sign that your windows are old and might need to be replaced. However, you can fix the problem yourself by buying a new handle. It’s vital to remember that a broken handle can compromise the security of your home.

Discoloured White PVCU Windows

PVCU windows can become discoloured after a long time, and they should never be cleaned with abrasive products. There are no safety issues with discoloured windows, but they affect the property’s aesthetic appeal.

If you want to touch up your windows, then use a primer before painting. Modern-day windows are much less likely to discolour, so if your windows were manufactured in the last ten years, you’re unlikely to encounter this problem.