How to fix a bad spray tan in minutes

It’s no secret that everyone now agrees that spray tanning is the best way to achieve that ‘lit from within’ glow.

A properly administered spray tan should give you a natural, beautiful bronzed glow—one which is streak-free, naturally fade off and dry.

But what do you do if the worst happens and you wake up the next morning with a streak here and a splotch there?

Well, don’t despair. It is super easy to remove bad spray tan at home.

Here are the inexpensive ways to fix a bad spray tan fast.

Take a bath

This is perhaps the simplest way to remove or fix fake tan. Before you spend money on removing bad spray tan, consider taking a bath or relaxing soak. Simply gather bathing soap along with a shower gel and wash away the traces of the spray tan.

Taking a bath not only softens your skin, it can help lessen the effects of the fake tan so you can remove it easily using other methods.

Exfoliate with a body scrub or mitt

Using a body scrub or mitt, scrub away the spray tan in circular motions. Next, mix a shower gel with warm water and soak in it for at least 30 minutes. The tan will wash away, leaving you with a stunning skin and a clean slate.

Lemon juice

Soak a cotton pad or soft clothing in lemon juice mixed with a little baking soda. Use the pad to dab your skin and let it saturate for five minutes. Get a cleansing wipe and erase the stubborn spots away.

Baking soda is coarse which makes it highly effective at scrubbing away the spray tan residue. Meanwhile, the acidic lemon juice burns away splotches leaving you spotless and fabulous.

Baby oil

If you have a bad spray on a large area of your skin, then use baby oil to remove it. Lather up with some baby oil and allow it to sit for up to 15 minutes. Next, get a soothing soak in a hot tub or shower to rinse away the tan. It is not only relaxing but smells good and leaves you looking radiant.

Alternatively, you can add baby oil to bathing water and use it to cleanse your skin. It will leave your skin soft and clean.

Baby wipes

Yes, some bad spray tans can be removed completely using baby wipes. You could also use facial wipes to remove bad spray tan from your skin, but they may not reach all the stubborn spots.  Baby wipes are less expensive yet very effective. They clean deeper and are gentle on your skin.  Use baby wipes to wipe bad spray tan off and rejoice your squeaky-free beautiful looks.

Hair removal cream

Hair removal creams can also help you get rid of a bad tan. Simply put patches on your skin and let it sit for about three to six minutes—that will remove annoying splotches completely. Hop into hot shower or dive into a pool and rinse away.