Wood Burning Fireplace

How to Find the Best Wood Burning Fireplace in Melbourne

Many people in Melbourne realise that the cost of heating in winter can be expensive. One way to save a considerable amount of money on your winter home heating costs is to search for wood fireplaces in Melbourne. A modern wood fireplace is efficient, cost-effective, simple to maintain and has no working parts to fail. Wood fires provide a pleasant, even heat, plus they’re cheaper to install and maintain than other types of heaters, such as gas furnaces and radiant heaters. The trick is to find the best wood heaters for sale. Here are some important qualities to look for in a wood burning fireplace.

Type of Combustion Technology

You can choose between catalytic or non-catalytic wood heaters for sale. Catalytic heaters are known for their ability to heat the same amount of wood for longer and more evenly. One drawback is that the catalyst won’t last more than six seasons before it needs to be replaced. Because they use wood more efficiently than non-catalytic heaters, it’s recommended that homeowners buy a catalytic heater.


Most wood heaters for sale are made from either cast iron or steel. Cast iron heaters need to be rebuilt every few years. Welded steel heaters are more durable if they’re constructed with good welds.

Wood Burning Fireplace

Heat Output

The best wood burning fireplace for your home is one that has a heat output that matches the size of your home. There’s no need to buy an overly powerful heater unless you have a home that’s poorly insulated. However, buying a heater that doesn’t generate enough heat will require alternative heating, which will increase your heating costs each winter.

Longer Burn Times

It’s advisable to purchase a wood burning fireplace with the longest burn time possible. After all, no one wants a fireplace that needs to be constantly replenished.

Heating Efficiency

You’ll want to pick a wood fireplace that heats efficiently. The average wood burning fireplace heats at 60% efficiency. Highly efficient fireplaces are better able to translate the burning wood into a heat output. A higher efficiency therefore saves you money over time.

Lining of the Firebox

The best wood heaters are lined with firebricks that can be replaced. Cheaper wood heaters have only thin steel in the firebox, which can crack over time.


There are some modern wood fireplace manufacturers that have been in the industry for many years and are known for the quality and longevity of their products. Consider buying from one of the leading brands that produce quality wood burning fireplaces.

Air washed Glass

Although not a priority, it’s a nice touch when a wood fireplace features air washed viewing glass. This is created by placement of air holes near the glass that creates a flow of air, which keeps the glass cleaner for longer.

When you’re shopping for the best wood fireplaces in Melbourne, remember − look for a modern wood fireplace that’s catalytic and has a high efficiency rating and longer burn time. This will help you find a quality wood fireplace that will last you for years to come.