How is sugar-free cake mix to be made to taste better?

There are many who are weight and health conscious or simply find their current obesity problem to stand in their way to have delicious sweets and desserts of their choices. Cakes that are easily available in varieties are indeed tasty and it is simply to resist them. Being health conscious does not necessarily mean that this particular dessert is to be avoided or sacrificed once for all.

Sugar-free options

These days, one can try out cakes that are available in sugar-free varieties. They are completely safe to be consumed by people of all ages including those who are suffering from weight related issues. The sugar-free mix is regarded to be a must have in every pantry, especially in those households where any member of the family is found to be a diabetic patient. Probably, the need could be to reduce the intake of sugar or carbs in general and to be healthy and safe. Whatever be it, the person may want to choose sugar-free cake mix for converting the cake into a fabulous diet dessert.

Some useful tips to prepare sugar-free desserts

With some tips and suggestions, it is possible to come up with sugar-free options that are likely to taste delicious and just superb and can be had repeatedly.

  • If the plan is to prepare the sugar-free mix, then as a partial substitute for the fat based oil, using applesauce can be a wonderful substitute. This can help to reduce both fat and sugar in the recipe, thus making the cake much better for both dieters and diabetics alike. Applesauce tends to enhance the overall texture. However, one should not overdo the substitute. Applesauce should be done just for half of oil to be used along with half of oil so that the best results and flavours are derived.
  • The other way to enhance the mix is by using tasty dessert mix. Sugar is not to be added to it, for creating the cake layers. The truth is plain sugar-free cakes also do taste wonderful. However, if flavourful and creamy dessert mix is placed between such as the Lemon Dessert Mix, then the flavour will be added with some interest.
  • Besides this, sugar-free icing can be prepared out of dessert mix. This can be achieved by performing the mixing preparation, as per instruction in the package by the manufacturers. Then it is to be mixed using cool whip. Also, the dessert mix can be added into the mix (one more egg can be added to the mix than what is prescribed in the mix package). This will help to obtain moist, rich pudding cake that is sure to be enjoyed by everyone.
  • The other excellent fix for deriving sugar-free cake mix would be to include in the mix with canned fruits. It can be crushed peaches or pineapple. It is essential to pick fruits which are packaged in water and not in syrup. Otherwise, it is likely to be added with more sugar and unwanted calories.

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