How Introspective Awareness Leads to Balanced Cognitive Performance in Man?

Research work on the brain has been carried on for centuries now, and out of these major research works, one of the most important points to come up with is one side of the brain tends to cut off from the other as more painful memories and feelings are repressed. For most people, one side will dominate the according to the sort of abilities and aptitudes an individual possesses along with the cultural upbringing which influences the action of the brain to a great extent. Even there is the presence of some unconscious blocks, which can freeze a huge proportion of the mental energy and this over the years of accumulation leads to a person feeling negative, angry, or even depressed for no good reason.

Those who have been studying on these problems for years together have identified that the causes of all such barriers and over a subsequent period of time, have actually refined their techniques for helping the individuals achieve the potential mental capacity. The cognitive enhancement techniques of 마음수련 makes the mind much more efficient in carrying out regular works and opens up the pathways of communication between the left and right lobes of the brain and assists the individuals in gaining a positive mental energy. By attending these programs, the individuals can even obtain the goals and would have the complete opportunity to take control of their destiny.

There has been extensive research work carried on the subject of the effectiveness of IQ in human beings on the lifespan, health, and mental illness. While reviewing the research works, experts have come up with three separate correlations.

  • A 30 point increase in the IQ will actually increase the life span of an individual by almost six years.
  • A 30 point increase in the IQ would also have the risk of dementia.
  • And, a 30 point increase in the IQ will also have the risk of enhancing mental illness.

There is more than a dozen of mental illness and almost one out of three persons will seek the help of the psychiatrists at some point of their lives as well. Those, who have been found to have a better IQ level than the rest, are found to cope up with minor mental dysfunction since they have kept a greater reserve of their cognitive. Some of the recent research works have indicated towards the fact that higher IQ equals a better health.

The hardware of the human computer is the brain, and the aim of most of these 마음수련 programs is to awaken the people to the innate power of their mind. In order to achieve it, the quintessential part is to improve the introspective awareness and regain the mental processes. This kind of meta-cognition is medically termed as mature intuition and can be achieved only through serious training of the mind. Begin to make your lives count, and one such way of doing it is by strengthening your brain with mind training programs.