How Does MCT Oil Help In Ketosis

Once you have supplemented the oil portion of your diet with MCT, your body will start producing ketones within just a few hours while on nutritional ketosis. This significant reduction in time shall help you in circumventing the feared low carb flu symptoms which can range from aching joints and nausea to brain fog and extreme fatigue. Such symptoms might last for somewhere in between a few days to some weeks as our body undergoes this huge transition from a sugar addict to the fat burning instrument.

MCT oil, formally known as medium chain triglycerides is harvested from foods such as coconut and dairy produce. Of the four sub-varieties of MCTs, caprice and Caprylic acid matter the most during ketosis with their highest ketone producing prowess. Thus, they are the essential ingredients of an MCT supplement. The odourless and tasteless attributes of MCT oil make it a great option to hike up the nutritional quotient of your everyday food without messing with its flavour. They maintain a liquid state at room temperature, thus being ideal components for being used in cooking at relatively high temperatures. MCT does not get stored as body fat since they are used up instantaneously for making ketones by our liver. This is the very reason behind its extreme popularity amongst people who wish to get a lean physique without having to starve or bind themselves within the stringent dietary restrictions.

Mechanism Of MCT Oil Working

MCTs get ferried directly to our liver rather than the small intestines wherein they aid in ketone production. Our body benefits from nutritional ketosis as these compounds are released into our bloodstream and bring along with an instant energy boost.


Using MCT Oil In Ketosis

The high in the fat ketogenic diet helps our body in making the switch to ketone body metabolism from glucose metabolism, thus treating type 2 diabetes, obesity, epilepsy, high cholesterol, Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s disease. Reports of greater mental focus, mood upliftment, reduction of general inflammation and blood sugar regulation have also been submitted by people making use of MCT oil. A standard diet version restricts the protein intake to 1 gram every kilo body mass and daily carbohydrate intake to 15-20 grams. The transition process as our diet undergoes a significant change is aided by the intake of MCT oil. Our body starts churning out ketones almost immediately so that we bubble with energy during the transition phase, which otherwise is accompanied by pangs of depression. And to top it off, we shall feel that our craving for foods rich in carbohydrate such as pasta, cookies, bread and soda will diminish significantly so that our body does not feel the need for undergoing cheat days. If our diet consists of plenty of protein and fats, but less than 50 grams of carbohydrate on a daily basis, we will need just one to three tablespoons of MCT oil a day. But in a market filled with numerous options for health supplements, it’s not easy to find the one which shall suit us best. Thus, if we wish all these to yield results, we can bank on the best MCT oil available at KetoaHolics.

For best results, we need to induce MCT oil in everything from day end meals to midday snacks. MCT Oil increases the energy store of our body. Once we start digging deeper with nutritional ketosis, we are bound to stumble upon enhanced physical and mental energy, mood uplift and a relative decrease in cravings for processed and high carb foods.