IPAF Training Course

How Can An IPAF Training Course Help You?

Accredited by the International Powered Access Federation, the IPAFcourse promotes safe and effective usage of access equipment worldwide. This course is designed for people who would use powered access equipment in their careers.

The International Powered Access Federation gives a Powered Access Licence, which you will need if you have to deal with mobile elevation platforms in your workplace. The IPAF courses London would help in testing your practical skills for using the equipment. It would also analyse your theoretical knowledge to understand if you are capable enough to use the powered equipment safely. On completion of the training course, you will get the certificate to work with powered equipment.

The IPAF courses London consists of several modules, both in-class and e-learning format. You would also have to do practicals for 1-3 days depending on your abilities and overall experience. You would learn about different theories related to working at a height, and you would be given practical sessions that deal with safely using the concerned equipment. Once the course ends, there will be a final assessment to test your knowledge. If you pass it, you will be given the coveted Powered Access Licence (PAL) for the given category and the licence would be valid for 5 years.

The PAL certificate would have your name, photo, type of IPAF course that you have passed, and the date of assignment. It would be valid for the next 5 years. Once the certificate expires, you can always revisit the IPAF training to receive the new certificate. You can also undertake another training course that would be relevant to your job at the given moment.

One of the biggest benefits of taking the IPAF course is that it would give you a solid foundation for machinery usage. No matter how carefully you operate the powered equipment, there are still risks involved. Thus, it is essential to know about the operations which are taught in the training course.

What happens after the training completion?

On successful completion of the training, apart from the certificate, you would also gain practical knowledge about the below aspects which is very important for your job:

  • Relevant health and safety regulations
  • Machine manoeuvring as required
  • Accident prevention and controlling measures
  • Operating the Mobile Elevated Work Platform (MEWP) in a safe and efficient way
  • Taking up personal protective measures
  • Carrying out relevant tasks in a proper manner but better outcomes

Thus, it can be said that IPAF training is not a formal course that you would need to operate powered equipment. It is a necessary measure that will ensure your personal safety along with everyone else working around you. The modules will help you get a detailed insight into all the measures that are needed to be taken in emergency situations. You would not only know about the potential hazards but will also have the right ways of overcoming them. As you will be working at a height, you need to be extra careful about yourself and the surrounding elements. Ensure to formulate a safety plan and put into work the things that you have learned in the IPAF training.