split ac

Hitachi brings tomorrows technology

Hitachi split AC is one of India’s largest selling air conditioners. Hitachi is well known for making premium models that consistently top customer reviews. One of the leading split AC makers, Hitachi has a manufacturing unit at Kadi in Gujarat. Hitachi makes excellent split air conditioners at nearly every price point. For every pocket and every budget range there is a Hitachi air conditioner. Hitachi outsells Lloyds air conditioners in most parts of India.

Hitachi split AC gives very strong competition to Lloyds products. Hitachi also offers the KAZE series for those who are unable to afford the premium segment air conditioners. In air conditioners the greater the budget the more is the features. The finest air conditioner they make in India is the 1.5 ton inverter split AC. It is passed through 43 quality tests and has a 5 star rating. There is 1 year warranty on the product and 5 year warranty on the compressor.

split ac

Unrivaled cooling

When it comes to cooling a Hitachi split AC has no rival. It gives strong competition to all brands by making sure they give features such as Super Cool which makes it possible for it to provide instant cooling. Within ten minutes Hitachi split AC can cool a 120 square foot room down to 19° C. the AC begins to function at very high RPM and the temperature is lowered fast due to this. It also leads to very little power consumption.

Not only can you control the AC with a remote but also with wi-fi. Hitachi split AC has an iConnect series which allows you to control the AC using your smartphone. It connects using wi-fi direct and does not need a router. Most ACs come with a two way swing blade which move up and down to cool the room. Only in Hitachi split ACs do the blades swing up and down and also left and right. The louvers move with an intelligent design system for most effective cooling.

Matchless advanced features

An AC does not only mean a device for cooling and creating chilled air. It also should be able to warm if needed. Hitachi split AC works from -15°C to 52°C. They heat the room in frosty winters and keep you comfortable. Summer makes air conditioners overwork and air conditioners of every brand are unable to control humidity properly. At times of monsoon ordinary air conditioners create cold and humid weather inside a room which leads to chills and fever. Hitachi comes with auto control of humidity.

Air conditioner filters are an important component. In air conditioners which have been working for a year the filter reduces its capacity by 50%. Hitachi split AC comes with iClean technology with an innovative brush for self cleaning. These are only some of the reasons why Hitachi is the best air conditioner.