Hiring a Company to Remove Your Oil Tank

For those who have had oil tanks removed, the vast majority of cases have only occurred once in the life of a homeowner. If you believe that your oil tank requires removal, then you are likely searching for the right oil tank removal company for your needs. Many such companies exist, but only certain companies will have the right talent, certifications, technical knowledge and proximity to complete your request. Be wary, however, as some companies are simply looking to charge you for unnecessary work through a fraudulent suggestion that you must remediate your oil tank.

Here is beneficial information to have when considering hiring an oil tank removal company.

Information Necessary for Effectively Hiring Oil Tank Removal Companies

When dealing with oil tank removal companies, it is best to have as much information as possible. Information that a company will need or specifically request from you may include:

Hiring An Oil Tank Removal Company

1. Age of tank.

2. Size of tank.

3. Detailed information on the tank’s location on your property.

4. Date that the tank was last used.

5. Your reason for removing the oil tank. The reason will indicate to the company whether they need to expedite the process or not, such as for real estate or other legal purposes.

Oil Tank Removal Contracts

The oil tank removal company will present a contract for you and the company to fill out and sign. The contract should have the following elements:

1. Line items explaining which actions and features are a part of the contract and which are not.

2. The type of tank closure report you will be given after the maintenance is finished. A buyer of your property in the future will be extremely interested in seeing this document for peace of mind and confirmation of a properly performed tank removal in the past.

3. Oil tank removal costs, which will tend to include liquid disposal and permit fees. Check carefully so that you are only paying for what is required by you to pay.

4. A guarantee of a capable person onsite who can extensively document the tank removal procedures that are carried out on your property and can give all parties a comprehensive report.

Other Considerations for an Oil Tank Removal

You will want to ensure that your oil tank removal company has its own office and has been operating for over 10 years. You want a company that has seasoned, certified tank removal experts in their employ. Keep in mind that advancements in technology mean that on-site visits are rarely required for most tank removal orders.

Soil Sampling Post-Tank Removal

Soil sampling tests are necessary to ensure that there are no leaks. It is also impossible to know if your oil tank requires remediation without a proper test. Even if your tank removal company says that there are high vapor readings, that still does not justify remediation without a soil sample test and laboratory analysis.

Important Reminders about Oil Tanks

Keep these pointers in mind the next time that you think that your oil tank is leaking:

• It is not true that all oil tanks leak.

• Without testing, no serviceman or person can tell you with certainty that your leak will require remediation.

• It is erroneous to presume that all oil tank leaks require remediation.

• An oil tank removal can be considered part of remediation.

• If your instinct is telling you that your oil tank removal company is feeding you information just to get you to pay for more services, go with your instincts. Contact another tank removal company and get a second opinion.