Hire Tailoring Services at Home to Dress up According to your Body Type

When it comes to dressing, tailors are the one who can also help us in some way or the other. They have good knowledge about dresses which would suit our body type. There days tailors in Bangalore have idea of every kind of stitching styles. Many times people find it difficult to choose the dresses according to your body type. Epitome Online Tailoring Services helps you know which kind of dress would look good on you. Tailoring services are something which a person will need some day or the other as the dresses stitched by them is made perfectly to fit your body type. Always dressing up according to your body type makes you feel better and gives you confidence.Tailoring Services

Apart from deciding that what kind of body type you have like hourglass, pear, banana or anything else, they are many things which have to be considered while concluding your body type. There are many people these days that have started tailoring services at home so as to facilitate sewing services in the locality. We have to lessen you burden when it comes to choosing the dress according to your body type. Once you consult us it is completely our headache to design you dress accordingly which would fit you. We come up with many incredible ideas which you must have never thought about. The dresses designed by us will make you look and feel great. We also provide designer and blouse stitching services all over Bangalore.

Some tips to dress up according to your body type:

  1. If you have an hourglass- Your ultimate goal should be to highlight your curves not to hide them, for this you need to emphasis on your waist. In this case you should go for a belted jumper. It helps flaunting your waist in the best possible way.
  2. If you are of apple shape figure- Apple size figure is something different and unique. Someone with such figure must focus on highlighting their shoulders and legs. You should try a swing coat which would really suit your body type. This will flatter you body type at its best.
  3. If you are of banana shaped figure- If you are someone with a banana kind of figure you should try something like ruffled top. People with such figure must focus on highlighting the thinnest part of their body so that your hips and bust appear quite large in proportion to the same. Shirt or tops with ruffle around your bust will make your top half look broad and larger. This will make your waist look smaller.
  4. If you are with a pear shaped figure- A person with a pear shape should go for flared dress so that it could flaunt your waist. As a person with pear shape has a sleek wait, this kind of dress will not make it look much skinny. It will cover and give a volume in your waist line.

We provide online tailoring services in Banglore keeping all these things in mind so that you could look good and confident when you dress up and step out of your house.