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Highly Alkaline Foods That Can Do Wonders To Your Health

Basically having PH or than 7 is called alkaline. Less than this means the body is acidic and more than this means more alkaline body. You are may be thinking that why do I need to alkalize my body. Yes, it is important if you are a regular consumer of acidic foods. Maybe you are already suffering from acidity often. Too much meat, fish, and oils in our food makes the atmosphere of our stomach acidic. That is why we get acid reflux.

Which is not the best feeling for anyone. That’s why it is important to maintain the alkaline PH of our body. There are countless foods available that can do wonders and let you know how to alkalize your body.  Some of Them are listed in this article. So lets start!


This super tasty vegetable will help you get your desired alkaline body. It is very easy to eat. Roasting, steaming or cooking everything goes well with it. You can enjoy a bowl of soup with asparagus on your holiday. Feeling the warmth and drinking the soup will detoxify your body and mind from everything you went through. Asparagus is entirely made of alkaline. You will get almost half of your needed alkaline from asparagus in one day.


If eating broccoli does not make you excited try to oven bake it with olive oil and black pepper and salt. This roasted broccoli will taste better and help you get your body. You can make a broccoli soup as well. If you balance it every day you will be able to maintain the alkaline PH of the body.

Garlic and onion:

These spices are a staple for cooking but some people do not like it. So put a small amount of garlic and onion on everything to have alkaline. Because they are great alkalis. When you are roasting vegetables in your oven sprinkle some garlic onion on top of them. You can make stuffed vegetables with garlic and onion stuffing. Sautéed vegetables will also blend them very well.


Alkaline diet should be filled with fruits a lot. Watermelon has ninety percent water in it. So this is low in calories and high in PH. put this in your smoothies and juices. It is a good source of sweetness as any artificial sugar is prohibited in the alkaline diet. Cut watermelon in pieces and freeze them. If you crave for ice-cream then have some cubes of is way better for your gut health.

Apple cider vinegar:

Only vinegar that is alkaline is apple cider vinegar. Pour this into your first glass of water in the morning every day. Drinking this will help your gut being alkaline. This is highly alkaline. Use the vinegar in your salad dressing. For making it tasty mix maple syrup with it as well.


Spinach is so nutritious that it should be in your kitchen all the time even if you are not on a diet. Add baby spinach to your smoothies.  Grown spinach can be used in soups or vegetables. This nutritious and tasty leaf is worth trying for an alkaline diet.


Grab an apple every day just by itself to eat. Apple is the easiest to eat. You can make it interesting by making apple pie or sliced fruit salad. Smoothie or juice will also make apple tasty and alkaline. You can try to experiment with apple dishes. It may turn into tastier than what is suggested here.

Green beans:

Green bean is the most alkaline pulse. You can eat this as soup. Just some onions and herbs will make it tasty. Make an alkaline salad with cooked beet and green beans.


Proper diet and cutting of animal-derived food completely help with alkalizing body. It is easy to follow but proper attention to what you are eating is important. Alkalize diet will help you get a healthy gut as well.