Here Are The 6 Things That Make A Great Limo Driver

Choosing the right transportation can sometimes be difficult due to the range of different choices on the market. You can even select a particular model of vehicle that you think would perfectly suit your needs.

Not so many people take one more step further by picking a chauffeur to their liking and thus customize the entire trip just the way they want. AZ Limo shared their knowledge on what exactly you should look for in a chauffeur to get the best person possible for your money’s worth:

Driver’s qualification

Of course, a professional chauffeur is qualified for the work, but it wouldn’t hurt to do a little check up before you decide which one you want. Years of experience, how long has he or she been with the company, what customers say about them, etc.

The more information you can gather, the easier it would be to make the right choice. While at it, it would be also worth checking their driving record, just as one more layer of security and a deciding factor.

Are they dressed properly?

Even though limos have seen more widespread use in recent years for various occasion, a limousine service is still considered the best option for more formal occasions such as weddings, business meetings, birthdays, etc.

As such, you would expect your driver to be dressed properly because that is equally important as your own attire when you appear at the venue and want to leave a good impression.

Do they respect your time?

There is nothing more frustrating than being late on a meeting by the fault of others, or in this context, your limo driver. An expensive limo and sharply dressed driver could never compensate for the lost time if the whole event is ruined.

You’re responsible chauffeur needs to do their homework, plan out the routes, check if any streets are closed on the way to the venue, check the time of the day and if there are any rush hours active, and finally sum all those elements to make sure you arrive on time.

Does not lose temper easily

Ideally, your driver should be able to withstand any form of stress caused by traffic or even passengers themselves. Whether it’s loud and slightly drunken prom night goers, a bit agitated bride or angry businessman, your chauffeur should be able to handle all these situations with a smile and maybe even play along and try to comfort their passengers.

That is not an easy job at all and that’s one of the perks that differ good drivers from great drivers. You can always check with the company or read online comments to get informed.

A discreet chauffeur is a good chauffeur

You as a passenger need to feel completely comfortable during the trip. This does not mean to just rent a limo with fine seats, but to be able to relax inside and talk freely about topics you want. Whatever happens in the limo, stays in the limo.

Your driver should basically be the gatekeeper between you and the outside world and they have no business poking their nose in your conversations unless you want them to, of course.

The driver should know the area

GPS is an amazing device and very reliable wherever you go, but nothing can replace good old knowledge of the area and all the little shortcuts and walkarounds.

Your driver should possess this knowledge and be able to react quickly if unexpected events like construction works or accidents on the road occur. GPS might drive you around in circles and waste a lot of time while a knowledgeable driver knows the fastest way always.