Helping A Hero And Spark Energy Handeshaked For A Good Cause

Spark Energy has partnered with Helping a Hero Foundation. It is an organization that offers homes to the veterans who got wounded in the war. Meredith Iler, the founder of the group states that the purpose of providing these houses is to make the veterans live independently. Further, she said that the houses are given to them free of cost and designed in such a way so that they forget that they got hurt in the war.

Meredith Iler Proudly Tells About Sergeant Daniel Cowart

Helping A Hero organization has awarded a home to Sergeant Daniel Cowart on 13th May. Daniel is a Silver Star Army Veteran. Joining hands with the Spark energy this award was given. He was also given free electricity for one year gift along with the home

During the time of a patrol in Iraq, Daniel’s team crossed a vehicle with insurgents that were keeping bombs on the roadside. When the team tried to stop them, an argument happened, and Daniel tackled one insurgent. It was so unfortunate that the insurgent had explosives and it strapped his body and got fire. Daniel lost his left leg at this time.

Daniel was awarded the Silver Star award. He got this award for his brave action in fighting the enemies. This award is given to every military force in the US who serves a courageous battle for the nation. It is the 4th highest award offered to the people in the U.S Armed forces.

Meredith and the board felt that he deserves a home for his heroic action is fighting for the nation.

Meredith Iler Founder Helping A Hero Organization

  • Helping a Hero, a nonpartisan and nonprofit organization in Houston offers a home for the veterans who are injured in the war.
  • The organization primarily offers homes that are specially designed with equipment in consultation with veteran, communities, developers, and builders.
  • Helping a Hero works towards engaging the community by offering resources and services for the wounded heroes in the US.
  • It also helps in programs including recreational activities, caregiver retreats, marriage retreats, etc.
  • Beyond everything, the board offers emotional and financial support.

Details About the Home

Daniel and the family members were invited home along with thousand supportive neighbors. Music Legend Lee Greenwood also took part in the event.

The home has four bedrooms and three baths. It is ultimately wheelchair accessible, with broader hallways and doorways. Had a roll-in shower and a roll-under sink. The toilet area is adaptable,

Daniel Cowart felt very proud for being honored and mentioned that this gesture makes his mind positive.

Spark Cares

At Spark Energy, it is believed that energy suppliers can offer more support than looking at only ways to conserve energy. They have partnered with Helping A Hero organization to improve the quality of life of the children of the military veterans. They are working towards making the communities a better place to work and live. They felt proud about giving their first veteran home with the help of Meredith Iler’s Helping a Hero Foundation. Further, they Spark request all gas and energy suppliers to extend support for such a noble cause.